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Anastasia A Continues to ‘KISS & TELL’

  • Tell us about your new single “Kiss & Tell”

    Anastasia A: “Kiss & Tell” is the first single of mine, which I released earlier this year on Valentine’s Day. It is a song about not kissing and telling! It is an empowering song about enjoying a relationship and communication. It’s a fun way of saying, “Listen, if you want this relationship to work, stop talking to your guy friends and let’s just do this”. (Laughs) I think the song is upbeat, fun, flirty and gets stuck in your head!

  • You’re debuting your music video as well as performing at the 12th annual Reelworld Film Festival. Is this your first time going to this festival?

    Anastasia A: I have been at a screening before. However, this will be my first time performing and presenting a music video! It is so exciting to be a part of it. Also, I’m not going to lie, but I can’t wait to party with Kardinal tickets (http://reelworld.tix.com/Event.asp?Event=457029).

  • Tell us about the video

    Anastasia A: I cannot give away too much because you will have to see it at the premier, but it has to do with myself and another guy…there is some dancing involved and it is super cute.

  • If not able to make it to Reelworld, can your fans see your video at your Facebook page?

    Anastasia A: My fans will be able to see my video on YouTube, and, yes, of course, my Facebook page. I cannot wait to show you!

  • Do people ever compare you to Katy Perry at all?

    Anastasia A: No, not really! Although I absolutely LOVE her music, we are both very different artists. I try and not compare myself to anyone and be myself. In terms of musical style, I would say we have similarities because we are both POP. My sound has a bit more dance elements to it right now.

  • Are you still planning on making a full-length album sometime in the near future?

    Anastasia A: I am working on my album every week. However, in terms of releasing it, I feel it is too soon. I am focusing on singles right now and enjoying the ride. Maybe after three singles, I will release one.

  • What do you have coming up next?

    Anastasia A: I will be performing at the International Music Summit (IMS), which is amazing and such an honor, and I will also be walking in the celebrity fashion show for TFI (Toronto Fashion Incubator) and also performing my single.

  • What other artists inspire you?

    Anastasia A: Taylor Swift, because she writes from the heart and is herself. Selena Gomez, because she works really hard and is so appreciative of everything she has, and Hilary Duff, because she never stops working and is an amazing entrepreneur. These women are amazing role models – showing us you don’t have to sell your body or copy other artists to become successful.

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