Tollywood: The Tamil Film Industry’s Rapid Rise Over The Past Couple of Years

Previously notorious for its over-the-top action scenes and cocky protagonists, Tollywood, the Tamil film industry has come a long way in terms of movie production. This improvement can be seen in budgets, the level of performances given by actors and actresses and the vast improvement in plots.

The Tollywood film industry has been rising steadily for a couple of years now. If you ever decide to tune into Tamil Cinema News, you will see facts and figures about how the industry has started to flourish. Here are some reasons for the Tamil film industry’s new rise:

Media and Social Media Hype

One of the biggest reasons the Tollywood film industry improved recently is their newfound, brilliant market strategies. According to Times of India, Tollywood filmmakers realized that a movie’s success was determined within the first weekend of its release.

They devised creative marketing strategies to promote their movie enough that people would swarm into theatres for the initial hype. Then if the movie really is worth it, they will keep coming for a few weeks and generate enough revenue to make the film a real success. Even if the movie tends to not be a huge success, the hype generates enough revenue to not label it a loss, at the very least.

Diversity in Films

Movies in Tollywood are now very diverse. There are still the action-packed rom-coms since they are the feel-good backbone of any film industry; but along with these, there are other movies like 3-Kanya, dedicated to talking about social issues that plague Bengali society and make the movies relatable to the audience.

Movies like Jai Lava Kusa offer good entertainment as well. This movie crossed the 75 crore revenue mark in the first three days of its release. According to the popular Indian E-paper Livemint, in the International market, Tollywood Cinema has overtaken Bollywood. This was seen when the Tollywood movie Khaidi no. 150 actually beat Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Jab Harry met Sejal’ and Salman Khan’s ‘Tubelight’ in terms of internationally collected revenue. Khaidi no. 150 generated a whopping 16+ crores while the other movies only manage 6 crores and 8 crores respectively.


This is a revolutionary movie that sky-rocketed the Telugu film industry and therefore deserves a section of its own. Baahubali 2 is a mythological film that took all of India and the international market by storm, quickly recognized as the best movie of the decade. This movie, according to The News Minute, is India’s first to cross the 1000-crore mark and is now considered an event of its own. No doubt it has been a Godsend for Telugu cinema.

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