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The Star of Bethelem DVD Review

Lawyer Rick Larson presents his case using The Star of Bethlehem, in which he takes both astrologers and Christians on a journey into the pivotal piece of the birth of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through his research and scriptures from the books of Job, Psalms, Matthew, Isaiah, and Revelations in the Holy Bible.

On the DVD, Larson began with an overview of his calling, which began during one Christmas when he and his family were putting decorations on their front yard with the Three Wise Men, baby Jesus, and the Star. This led him to investigate and uncover the facts as well as going to the Word of God; facing a crossroads on whether he’d continue or not due to the “science vs. faith” debate in the middle, and soon went on teaching, speaking, and presenting the Star all over the world.

The Star of Bethlehem is one part Science course and one part Bible Study. Unless majoring in Science, it may be hard for some to be interested in all this astrology. However, you might be able to understand it more through the reading of the Scriptures, as Larson talks about how this one important case has made an impact not just on him as a Christian, but also for those who accept Christ into their lives and the incredible sacrifice He made to die for the world’s sins.

The Star of Bethlehem is currently available on DVD, but you can also find more information about this online at www.bethlehemstar.net.

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