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Something Borrowed Movie Review

At least the third movie about the lure of marital or premarital infidelity to rear its head this week – alongside Last Night and Jumping The Broom – Something Borrowed has the additional dubious distinction of snob appeal. In other words, dumb is out and equals bad, no matter how beautiful the babe may be, and smart no matter how bad, is in.

Something Borrowed dabbles in multiple triangles. For starters, there’s brazen bimbo Darcy (Kate Hudson) and brainy attorney Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), best friends since childhood though you have to wonder why. Not only is there zero chemistry in this girl bonding for life, but dumb blonde party animal Darcy is a low IQ obnoxious loudmouth. So what mousy mate Rachel sees in her, is anybody’s guess.

Picking up the dramatic slack in this raucous scenario is Dex (Colin Egglesfield), Rachel’s platonic law school classmate. That relationship may be simmering and stuck in neutral for now, because Rachel is too busy for boys while hitting the books. But dimwit social butterfly Darcy’s calendar is clear at the moment, so she goes after Dex for her current conquest. And Rachel sort of reluctantly complies, because what are friends for.

But not so fast. Following a whirlwind romance and engagement between Darcy and Dex, Rachel not to mention Dex, have second sexual thoughts one alcohol-induced night out later. So is Rachel a bad person because she wants him back? Or is it okay to get it on with somebody else’s fiance on the sly if the bride-to-be is way less smarter than either of the faithless secret lovers? And did I mention that there are no sparks flying around anywhere in sight, between any of them. Stay tuned, at your own peril.

Eventually happy endings in Something Borrowed are in order all around, and bad feelings are resolved in a jiffy. While Kate Hudson seems to have the hottest relationship of all, basically in love with herself and her flamboyantly nasty, intelligence challenged character.

In any case, there’s a lot more than something borrowed here that doesn’t add up, even if a fiance is just being borrowed back. You do the math. My own computation on a good day, comes to about one star.

Warner Bros

Rated PG-13

1 [out of 4] star

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