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Simon & Simon S5 DVD Review

They’re more than brothers; they’re the best of friends

The fifth season of CBS’ Simon & Simon continues to follow the adventures of brothers Rick and A.J., brothers and partners of Simon & Simon Investigations. With the advice of their mother Cecilia (Mary Carver) and the help of their police lieutenant friend “Downtown” Brown (Tim Reid), Rick and A.J. take on the cases no one else could handle.

Season five of the popular detective comedy-drama (1981-89) finds Rick falling in love with a client who suspects her husband of infidelity (“Love and/or Marriage”); the brothers teaming up with their mentor Sam Penny (Robert Lansing) to find the only prison who ever from Alcatraz, as they become the target of a vengeful ex-con that they put away (“Quint is Out”), enters the world of country music (“Down Home Country Blues”) and switch each other’s identities (“Walk a Mile in My Hat”).

Other notable episodes of this season includes “Facets” with A.J. becoming consumed with guilt over shooting a young man and struggles whether or not to use a gun again, “A Significant Obsession” with the younger Simon being the object of a beautiful yet disturbed former client, and the finale “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree” takes a look into the Simon family history that goes back two centuries.

Sadly, the only bonus on this DVD is the 1995 reunion movie In Trouble Again, where Rick, now a skipper, and A.J., finally a lawyer, returned to the PI business when their mother is onboard a hijacked yacht that Rick was supposed to deliver to one of his customers.

Simon & Simon is open for business for season five — now available on DVD.

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