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Red Sox, Yankee and Phillies DVD Collector’s Sets DVD Review

Play Ball! Assortment of A&E Boxed Sets Aimed at Loyal MLB Fans

Opening Day of the major league baseball season is a great equalizer, the time when every fan’s favorite team theoretically starts out with an equal shot at winning the World Series. Those inclined to bask nostalgically in glory days gone but not forgotten might want to consider adding one or more of these Collector’s Edition DVDs from A&E Home Video to the memorabilia on their bookshelf.

Typical is the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series, an 18 hour, 8-DVD set which includes all of last year’s champ’s World Series games, games 4 and 5 of the NL Championship series, plus bonus material featuring locker room celebrations, trophy presentation, player interviews and much more. From the previous year’s campaign, we have another 8-DVD set featuring over 20 hours worth of similar coverage of the Boston Red Sox 2007 triumph.

Even more extensive is the coverage of the Bosox’s historic win a few years earlier, since that broke its century-long losing streak. So, the Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series recap contains a dozen discs and is over 35 hours in length. Yet another set for folks from Beantown is the Boston Red Sox Essential Games, a 6-DVD set highlighting 6 of the most famous games ever played at Fenway Park.

Obviously, Yankee fans might not be as enthusiastic as the Red Sox Nation about the aforementioned offerings, however, they might be interested in the New York Yankees Essential Games, given that the House That Ruth Built was recently razed. Ditto Met fans and a 6-DVD set called the New York Met Essential Games, since Shea Stadium also closed at the end of last season.

Any of these or other baseball collections from the A&E library is certain to be the perfect Father’s Day, Easter or Passover gift, provided you know with which major league team the couch potato in your life’s allegiances lie.

Red Sox, Yankee and Phillies DVD Collector’s Sets

Excellent (4 stars)


Studio: A&E Home Video

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