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Movie Review: How to Train Your Dragon

will roberts
will roberts

Cute and cuddly it isn’t, but anyone who expects dragons, whether trained or not, to be cute and cuddly, are going about things the wrong way.

“How to train your dragon” tells the story of Hiccup, a young boy determined to become a fierce Viking warrior like his father. Believing himself ready to slay any dragon he sets out to show the whole village what he is made of.

Instead he finds he has an unusual gift and befriends one dragon in particular.

Will Roberts rides Toothless the dragon star of How to Train Your Dragon.

Combining action, adventure and humour, bringing fantastic animation and 3D effects that highlight the minutest of detail to the big screen, Dreamworks films both entertain and enthrall their audiences.

“How to train your dragon” is THE animated film to watch this Easter for all the family. Ok, so cute and cuddly it isn’t but it does allow viewers to leave the cinema feeling warm inside and believing anything is possible.

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