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Movie Review for U.N. Me


U.N. ME – 90 Min – PG-13

Ami Horowitz, the film’s host and creator, takes us on a very harsh look at the work that the United Nations (UN) has done. An organization that large is subject to corruption. This movie gives us the look at the dark side.

I have never been a huge fan of documentaries but every now and then, one comes along, that gives you a glimpse at problems that exist, and need attention. This movie does an excellent job of making some observations of the UN organization by using its own information against it. Horowitz talks to ex-employees and also with the people who have been the victims of the corruption.

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The problem with a movie like this is when you observe something from one person’s perspective, you are held down to their whims of the story, you have to see what they want to show you, you never get the whole truth. The issues brought up in this film are so large and so unconscionable even with that limited view, there are really no objectives sides that would lessen the horrific nature of the corruption.

This movie did make me think about looking further into the problems and do more research to understand more about this issue. That’s where this movie did an excellent job. When you spark something in your viewer and make them challenge their own understanding, you have really created something special.

The only real criticism I have for this film is that at times, Horowitz makes jokes with the people he is interviewing. It looks like an attempt to make his subjects look foolish. It might be to soften the very dark reality that he is bringing to light. It comes off badly and he looks like he knows he should do something funny here, but has no idea how to pull it off. When you’re interviewing someone who is forced to admit that they have not been able to define terrorism, or deny not knowing about what has been happing in their own country, or deny being at a meeting that was video recorded. You do not need to help in making them look foolish, they are doing a fine job by themselves.

This movie is worth seeing from a geopolitical or a sociological standpoint. I was one of those people living with the belief that the UN had its problems but they did a lot of good work. Well they do a lot of good work but there are some problems that are so large that no amount of good can cover them up.

I rate this film a green light mostly for the great work they did on the film’s creation. Now go out and do another movie only less depressing, like starving homeless people or something.

For more information, seethe film website http://www.unmemovie.com/

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