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In Plain Sight Review

To her dysfunctional family, Mary Shannon is a “meter maid” that serves out warrants. But, in reality, she is a United States Marshal that protects witnesses — criminal or innocent — that someone wants dead. And she hides them In Plain Sight.

Mary McCormack (The West Wing) stars in this new summer cable series that airs Sunday nights at 10pm. Her character Mary is a tough, sexy, wisecracking federal marshal with the difficult task of being parent, priest, marriage counselor, and so on, as she and partner/comic foil Marshall — no joke — (Frederick Weller) are assigned to guard people who are in the Witness Protection Program that gives them new identities. While she does well on her job, her personal life is another story. Her mother (Lesley Ann Warren) and her sister Brandi lives with Mary, and she has a hot/cold relationship with handsome minor-league baseball player Raphael (Cristian de la Fuente, Dancing with the Stars). And her boss, Stan (Paul Ben-Victor), has an unrequited crush on Mary. But it’s all been a day’s work for this marshal.

In Plain Sight follows after lead-in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, in which McCormack’s character just recently crossovered. The series has already become a hit since its debut this month. It has all the quirkiness and humor of Monk and Psych as well as having elements of procedural, mystery, action, and drama. Mary Shannon is the female equivalent of Burn Notice‘s Michael Westen: an emotional complex, complicated, flawed yet caring and tender heroine.

Check out more about the show online at USA Network, as In Plain Sight is in view Sunday nights at 10pm on USA.

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