A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy DVD Review

Sexplicit Action Aplenty in Raw, Raunchy Romantic Romp

You know how they keep nightclubs too dark to see exactly what you’re hooking up with? This is the case, at least cinematically, with A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy, an otherwise unexpurgated sex romp which relies on dim and red lighting for a modicum of modesty. Shot mostly in shadows, my guess is that writer/director Dennis Dortch deliberately decided to make it hard to see the steamy action unfolding onscreen.

The film is actually comprised of five, separate, steamy vignettes, my favorite being the last, entitled American Boyfriend. That one revolves around a 25 year-old accountant (Alphonso Johnson) whose Asian girlfriend (Emily Liu) is busy fantasizing that he’s a basketball player when her family who has no idea she’s dating a black guy comes home unexpectedly.

The other scenarios all involve black-on-black lust. In the first, Reciprocity, we find Tony (Brandon Valley Jones) frustrated that his woman, Jeanette (Kathryn Taylor) won’t satisfy him orally, since when he performs fellatio on her she’s left shaking uncontrollably.

The second installment, called Her Man, revolves around a love triangle involving D’Andre (Marcuis Harris), a cheater who’s not only married, but has children as well. That doesn’t prevent him from making a booty call on his mistress (Chonte Harris) who is perfectly happy to be his fantasy. However, a sobering moment arrives when the wife calls D’Andre’s cell phone at an inopportune moment and the other woman answers.

The third story, Tonite, is about a player (Allen Maldonado) who literally kicks the object of his injection (Mylika Davis) to the curb (and on her birthday to boot), when she won’t let him have his way with her. But he’s about to learn that hell hath no fury like a sister scorned, because he just “messed with the wrong [b-word].” The fourth short doesn’t have much of a plot to speak of, just a lot of loud orgasming by a dude who looks like Snoop Dogg.

A kooky, kinky quintet of black bedtimes stories.

Very Good (3 stars)

Rated R for nudity, sexuality, profanity and ethnic slurs.

In English and Cantonese with subtitles.

Running time: 92 minutes

Studio: Magnolia Home Entertainment

DVD Extras: Deleted scenes, auditions, a “Behind-the-Scenes” documentary and another featurette.

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