Uldouz Wallace: A Triple Threat in Tinsel Town.

Actress, writer, and producer Uldouz Wallace, who has just wrapped her latest film “Hacked,” chats to Newsblaze about life in Hollywood, making a difference and her passion for filmmaking.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Congratulations on your latest movie ‘Hacked’. Can you tell us about life before Hollywood, where did you spend your childhood?

Thank you, I was born in Iran and raised in Sweden. I moved to San Diego, California and got my Masters Degree in Marketing. I learned how to do internet marketing and started my own company promoting other companies online. After I graduated and worked in marketing, I dabbled in some acting and entertainment, and soon realized I had a passion for it.

Uldouz Wallace: A Triple Threat in Tinsel Town. 1
Uldouz Wallace

The drama-film ‘Hacked’ is based on a true story. Can you tell us about the inspiration for the film?

I wanted to create this film so that people could get a better understanding of how traumatizing it is when someone compromises your privacy and leaks it to the worldwide web. This is an issue that is very current and I believe that the justice system still doesn’t know how to manage and handle cases like these.

These “hackers” ruin so many lives, especially women’s lives, and they profit so much from leaking the private content and unfortunately the punishment that they receive is just a slap on the wrist, while these poor women basically have a life sentence, the pictures and videos that were stolen and leaked are always going to be available for people to see. When a situation like this happens, most people are quick to put the blame on the victims and not on the person who violated them, also everybody is just worried about profiting from these women instead of helping them.

Did you add a little Hollywood twist to the movie?

Yes, I did add a little Hollywood twist to the story. You have to see it!

What impact would you like to make?

In an ideal world, I would love for the justice system to give longer sentences to people who commit these types of crimes. The justice system definitely needs to change. I also believe that the sites that are keeping these pictures and videos of these women live on search engines, should be completely taken down without the poor victims that have to pay corrupt lawyer that are only there to profit off a horrible situation like this or having to for hours, days, weeks, to send out Google take-down copyright claims. These search engines and sites, all profit from these types of leaks, so they too should also be held responsible.

You have starred in some notable TV shows and movies. Can you tell us a little about some of your favorite roles to date, and why?

To be honest, my favorite role in any TV show or movie has been “Hacked.” I put my heart and soul into it and just hope, and pray that somehow it will make a difference.

From Sweden to the twinkling lights of Hollywood. Can you tell us some of your favorite hangouts?

My favorite countries are Egypt, Italy, and Brazil, I feel very comfortable and at home when I travel to these countries. I love to travel to countries that have a lot of history.

When you aren’t making movies, TV shows, or music videos, what do you enjoy to do to relax?

I love eating good food, going to the beach and watching movies or a good TV show to binge-watch.

What’s next for you?

I have written a few TV pilots and feature films, so I’m going to produce and star in those very soon!

Thank you Uldouz. ‘Hacked’ is currently on the film festival circuit ahead of its general release.

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