Draven MIdnight The Rocks Rising Star Exclusive Interview


Los Angeles based recording artist Draven Midnight is moving on from solo material to collaborating with established L.A. musicians. He mixes hard beats with caustic vocals to create his defining sound.

His primary focus, The Undead Hearts, sees influences of 90a’2s bands including Alice in Chains, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, as well as Nine Inch Nails, Deftones and Queens of the Stone Age. The band features a revolving line up, with The Home Recording Show’s Ryan Canestro at the helm serving as engineer and multi-instrumentalist.

The Undead Hearts first kicked up beats in front of an intimate live, online & offline audience for their premiere event, “Pre-Chella.” The night’s lineup featured Matthew Dennis of Fallen Riviera on bass and James Decker of Stitched Up Heart fame on drums.

Prior to Pre-Chella, most of Draven Midnight’s works have been stripped down demos. Yet in Autumn of 2013, he released a more polished collection titled, “Tales of Serpents & Dragons.”


An Exclusive Interview

A computer and internet technology expert, Draven Midnight is even more widely known for his unique and ground-breaking music as a solo artist. We had the pleasure to sit down with the artist under the billowing palm trees of a cool Los Angeles autumn night amidst a full moon, and asked the singer, guitarist, programmer and recording engineer some questions for the record, to share here with the world.

Draven: I am a musician and technologist based in Los Angeles.

Draven: For a living I write software and coincidentally it also covers the cost of my hopeless addiction to recording music.

Draven: I started by picking up as many trade magazines as I could find and began to really analyse how things were done in the industry in those days. And as if almost by accident, I then set up a roadmap over a lengthy course of time to hit certain milestones in my music career. ‘Moments’ or ‘monuments’ I could call achievements or a ‘level up’ if you will, in how things operate out in the wild.

Draven: I’ve always wanted to make music. I’m told I was practically born singing. One of my earliest memories is waking up and hopping out of bed humming Superman II theme music.

Hollywood Sentinel: (laughs) Where do you get your inspiration to write and create?

Draven: Inspiration comes and goes in the moment. I know when it hits that I have to act on it in order to capture it for a future reference to be rehearsed or recorded. If I don’t then it’s gone forever. And that (is unfortunate), so I try to keep those to a minimum.

Draven: Artists are a passionate bunch and sometimes the same passion that fuels them is also what trips them up. I learned for my own well-being to let things be as they are and to only get attached if I’ve spent a considerable amount of energy into something. Otherwise, if it’s out of my control then don’t fret on it.

Draven: Be kind to others.

Draven: (Again), be kind to others. Tell it like it is. Walk tall, keep your head on straight and march on forward.

Draven: As a worthy contribution to the history of recording arts. Someone who had something to say in his own way that tends to shed a little light or a little shade on things every now and again.

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