How Gaming Culture Has Changed Positively and Negatively

The days of having to gather up all of the quarters in the house to venture out to the arcade for gamers are gone. Technology has developed so quickly overall in the last few decades with gaming being advanced immensely. Graphics are incredible and gameplay in sports games is as real as it has ever been. Gaming has improved in a variety of ways but with that growth, there are some negative factors. The following include how gaming has changed in positive as well as negative aspects.

Games Can Be Played Anywhere Now

Whether a person is looking to play racing games for PC or simply want to play some Candy Crush on a phone, games are available everywhere for consumers today. This has led to a vast variety of gamers with some focusing on console gaming while others concentrate on mobile or PC gaming. The rise of platforms like that of Twitch have made it more profitable than ever to be an incredible gamer regardless of the game that is played. The constant practice players can get also had created a demand for more intense and involved games.

Being Able To Play Live Competition Improves Skills

Playing against the computer for most gamers is not a huge challenge especially if there are glitches in the game. The Madden series is known for having glitches which make plays with certain players nearly impossible to stop. Live competition helps people become better-rounded as they cannot rely on the computer not being proficient enough. For those people that would rather stay at home and game at their home with friends, this is now an option. Playing with friends from around the world on a team can help bring back great memories for gamers that are a bit older.

The Gaming Community Is Closer

People make friends when playing live games all of the time with some people playing daily together. All anyone has to do is to see if their friends are online and send them a gaming invite. Friends also schedule times to play so everyone is on at the same time so they can play with the same people consistently. This helps to improve skills in games like Fortnite as each player can have a different specialty. One can be a builder, one a sniper, expert with the shotgun, and of course the camper which many teams despise but it is an effective strategy.

Trolls And Hotheads Can Ruin In-Game Chat For Everyone

Live gaming can be a great way to have fun while talking a bit of trash to an opponent. Unfortunately,people get way out of line and lose their temper if they are playing badly. These hotheads need to understand that people of all ages play these games so what is said to a friend during a game might not be appropriate for a younger player. Xbox Live does a good job of allowing players to report others who are either talking in an inappropriate manner, cheating or just make playing a nightmare due to pausing or bad sportsmanship.

The gaming world is going to continue to develop with virtual reality gaming. This could make gaming more realistic than ever with companies being able to sell the technology to other industries to turn an even larger profit. Gaming has also shed its reputation for being for those that don’t want any social interaction as the money available is vast. Free games available on certain platforms have changed the way companies make money as in-game purchases drive profits in these games. What happens next in gaming is going to be exciting to see!

Melissa Thompson

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.