Bartender Turns Tables on the Pandemic with Table-top games

A former bartender on the Las Vegas Strip is giving a lesson in pivoting despite the challenges of the response to the global pandemic. When the lockdowns hit in March, Matthew Williams was let go from both his bartending gigs. It was an understandably challenging situation to be put in but he was determined to find employment even during those questionable financial times.

He had always loved board games, so he found a way to turn his passion into a successful career. He previously had some success in 2018 when he designed and published a popular party game called “Don’t Get Drunk.” For him, becoming CEO of Las Vegas-based TGG-Games now gives him the opportunity to indulge in his hobby all day, every day. TGG Games is a game publishing firm that operates under The Gaming Goat which is a gaming chain specializing in board games.

boomers table top games. c/o
Boomers table top games answers. c/o

His story would make it seem trivia board games should not just be relegated to entertainment for passing the extensive time at home. Maybe it could also present a career opportunity? The tabletop gaming industry is booming after all. Hasbro, the company that makes a lot of the popular games we know and love such as Monopoly and Jenga has seen an increase in sales amounting to over $1.8 billion. Good old-fashioned quality time spent with family solving puzzles and competing with each other is coming back into play.

pandemic legacy table-top game. c/o
Pandemic legacy table-top game. c/o

In any case, if the initiative by boom game is anything to go by, the entire family will be covered if many people decide to keep gaming as just a family pastime. Their trivia board games are specially designed for all the baby boomers in the family. And, if the family’s sense of humor allows, the board game ‘Pandemic’ is always an option. The game is played with up to three or four people who have to complete antiviral jobs and try to find the cure for a disease before it mutates and becomes unbearable.

It can be played at different difficulty levels so the entire family can get involved. It’s a cooperative game as well, so the whole family can learn to appreciate each other’s strategic skills while bonding. It certainly sounds like a relevant enough activity for the current times. There is no clear expected end date for the pandemic, so it’s important to enjoy the things we value in different ways, while we are still sure we can.