7 Games Kids Should Play to Kill Time and Have Fun

Looking for some online games to keep your kid busy while you run an important errand? Well, there are plenty of options available these days. But the question is, which games are good for kids to eliminate their boredom and show them the path of unlimited fun.

Following are our top 7 online games for children to have fun:

  • Poptropica:

Developed and published by Family Education Network, Poptropica can be played both on PC and Mac for free. The game takes place in the virtual world of Poptropica where you can travel to various islands and read comics in peace (without your mom telling you to run errands every now and then). Players from around the world can interact with each other. Different levels take you to different islands and for every job done, you win medals and credits that allow you to purchase items and accessories for your character from the Poptropica store.

  • Free Rice

Developed by John Breen and published by the United Nations World Food Program, this free online game is quite popular amongst the people of all ages. It is an educational game with multiple-choice questions and answers. For every question that a player will answer correctly, 10 grains of rice will be donated to different third world and developing countries, which are distributed by United Nations World Food Program. It is also beneficial for businesses, where the money for the rice is given by different sponsors in trade for advertisements on the website. Bangladesh, Cambodia, Bhutan, Uganda, Nepal etc, are some countries where free rice grains are being distributed.

  • Magic School Bus

Developed and published by Scholastic, the game is designed preferably for kids between 3 and 10 years old. It is similar to the poem “wheels on the bus,” the only difference is that the wheels on this bus go everywhere. Players can select from a variety of educational field tours and then they go on board the Magic School bus with Ms. Frizzle to delve into the human body, oceans and sea, forests and jungles, and other scientific places.

  • NASA Kids Club

NASA kids Club is a genius and brainy game app, which was developed and published by NASA Education for both Android and iOS users. The players go on an adventure in space from their home only. This is the latest collaboration between NASA and Rovio Entertainment with an educational element that depicts the space-based struggle between birds and pigs. They travel outside the International Space Station and Mars, and deeper into the last border. Here are some more online games on Space genre.

  • Fun Brain

Developed and published by Family Education Network, Fun Brain is an online educational game for both children and adults. There are many math and reading games with different arcades. Moreover, it has books and comics, including the funny and renowned story, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a popular book series which was also made into a featured film.

  • Neopets

Developed and published by Neopets. Inc, this free exciting web game targets all age groups. Neopets permits users to work with their virtual pet and take care of them. Users can create their own pet that lives in the virtual world of Neopia. Up to four virtual pets are allowed after signing up at Neopets. As you play different games and take part in trading and contests, you earn Neopoints. On the other hand, you can buy Neocash with the real money for purchasing toys, food, clothes, and other accessories for your Neopets. For more pet games, visit this free online gaming site.

  • Club Penguin

This game was the brainchild of the Club Penguin Entertainment (Formerly New Horizon Interactive), and was published by Disney Online Studios. The massive multiplayer online role-playing game Club Penguin employs cartoon penguin character, where players travel around a winter wonderland virtual world. In all the mini-games available within Club Penguin, your main aim is to earn coins, which can be used to buy items from the virtual store.

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