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Wynn Buffet Offers Relaxed Dining Journey in Las Vegas

The Buffet Interior Detail NO TV Barbara Kraft 11 16 HR
The Buffet Interior Detail NO TV Barbara Kraft 11 16 HR

There’s no question that Las Vegas has many fine dining spots on and off the strip. There are also many buffets. The most elegant in Vegas is The Wynn Buffet. Steve Wynn is definitely the person who changed the image of Las Vegas. His visions along with his associates developed The Bellagio Resort’s “Dancing Fountains,” The Mirage with it’s Volcano and the remarkable Wynn Resort and Encore.

I have dined in many fine dining restaurants throughout the country, including my share of buffets. The Wynn is the most beautiful, providing its patrons with a relaxed dining journey in rich surroundings. Beautiful Italian marble floors, and luxurious drapes surround the light green background throughout the dining area. Lavish chandeliers with Christmas ornaments add to the colorful environment.

Photo courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

The ambiance is most important to set the stage. It now complements the services offered. There’s a private lavatory facility inside the dining area, allowing diners to freshen up without going into the casino area. It’s opulence like no other, the only way Steve Wynn would have it. “We specialize in the experience for our customers,” Wynn says. Wynn’s statement would be a good idea for other hotels to work on, rather than buiding more hotel rooms.

According to Roy Sanders, the General Manager of Andreas at The Encore and a longtime associate of Mr. Wynn’s, Wynn has continued his dress code for his dining establishments. VIPs for instance who don’t have a blazer or are wearing shorts are escorted to the shopping area and given the proper attire for dining. Class has always been a prioity at all Wynn properties. The 15 station includes a shellfish section with such items as Tomato Gazpacho, Seaweed-cucumber salad and Sushi. Spiced salmon, shrimp, tempura, vegetable role, crab avocodo cumcumber, BBQ Negiri and Spicy seafood are some of the delectable choices, along with crab legs.

Photo courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas

The chilled seafood includes spicy red pepper hummus, spiced garbanzo beans, guacamole, and corn salsa.

The Wynn Buffet has the highest standards with the equipment used in preparing their cuisine. The chefs are of such a versitile culture that nothing is spared in creating dishes from all over the world, especially that of Asian appeal. Regardless whether it’s Pad Thai, or any varaiation of noodles, everything is prepared to perfection and nothing is left too long to spoil the dining adventure.

The meat section of the dining journey has patrons enjoying oven roasted turkey au jus, mashed potatoes with fried shallots, green onions adding to the sumptous taste. Sirloin tip, prime rib, lamb, cornish hen, sea bass, and salmon are all prepared with flavorful sauces.

For those with large appetites, Chipotle BBQ glazed meatloaf with caramelized pearl onions and crispy bacon londons are very filling.

Other items include Pork Cheddar Bratwurst, Italian saugage, chicken sausage. Add cranberry beans, garlic roasted cauliflower with parmesan cheese, pesto sauce and toasted pine nuts, and you’ll be in heaven. Ah, that’s not all. There’s a complete pasta station which serves Gluten free pasta upon request.

Now that our cullinary journey is coming to an end, Do not miss Wynn’s colorful salads. I recommend the Kale salad with honey glazed walnuts, pine nuts and cranberries.

A never-ending dining journey wouldn’t be complete without some of the homemade deserts prepared in their own bakery. Crepes are prepared on a made to order basis with a choice of strawberry, apriocot, peach apple and real whipped cream. There’s a diversed selection of desserts to marvel at that I would suggest partaking in small portions in your dining journey to taste all the wonderful dishes.

With a wonderful evening of dining and conversation with my guest Anthony Wilson, a cup of Expresso ended our evening in a delightful spirit.

The Wynn Resort is at 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. Hours of operation are 8am-3pm and for dinner 3:30pm-10pm. Call for reservations at [702] 248-3463.

Celebrity Scene News awards The Wynn Buffet 5 stars for their ambiance, quality of cusine, presentation of cuisine, and service.

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