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The Magic of My Mothers House Italian Restaurant

Magician Dixie Dooley with Michael Leonetti and Pete Allman.

There are certain unique qualities of some restaurants that are popular with connoisseurs of cuisine and fine arts, experts in judging the taste of delectable foods. However, it’s not just the quality of cuisine, but the dining experience in their culinary journeys that make a difference.

Such is the situation with My Mothers House Italian Restaurant. Located in Sun City, a suburb of Las Vegas, this jewel is quite the talk of the town. It brings back memories of an era when Las Vegas had great lounge shows with the likes of Louie Prima, Sam Butera with Kelley Smith, and so many more.

Yet it is not just the entertainment that has people raving about this restaurant, it is the home cooked meals. The meals are family recipes of Michael Leonetti and they are coupled with the warmth of owner Laura Raspoli, Michael’s wife that ingratiates patrons.

It is a family atmosphere where Laura and Michael attend to each customer. It’s almost like dining in one’s own living room. Old Las Vegas is what My Mothers House Italian Restaurant is all about.

Culinary Journey

In spending an entire week in Las Vegas, there was never one dull moment in the cuisine that tempted my appetite. Lasagna, one of my favorites was served with a nice Neapolitan salad. I must say the Lasagna was the tastiest I’ve ever enjoyed.

There were many other entrees that were succulent and very filling, served family style. I especially love the Chicken Sinatra, prepared with roasted bell peppers, and Eggplant Parmigiana. The Chicken Marsala, prepared with wine mushrooms, capers, and served over linguini, with Neapolitan salad and garlic bread is divine. The Gnocchi, prepared with red potatoes, ricotta and served with sweet sausages is another popular entree that has rave reviews.

chicken sinatra at My Mothers House Italian Restaurant.
Chicken Sinatra at My Mothers House Italian Restaurant.

My favorite however is the Pasta e Fagioli soup, prepared with sweet Italian sausage, cannelloni beans, small shell pasta, red pepper, and parmesan cheese. This is a meal in itself.

Pasta fagioli soup

All of these entrees are family recipes that have been handed down by Chef Michael’s aunt. Chef Michael and Chef Laura have a passion for preparing a dining experience. Each morning they set up for lunch and dinner.


In all my years of dining, I have never experienced such warmth as I did with Laura Rispoli and Michael Leonetti. They were both so gracious in having me as their guest for a week in their home, spending a wonderful Christmas with a family that I no longer have.

During these times of a broken world it’s so nice to know people who care for one and another. Laura and Michael are the kind of individuals who go far beyond the call of friendship.

Michael Leonetti, Laura Rispoli and Pete Allman.


The most popular deserts that patrons enjoy are Tiramisu, the Jumbo Cannoli and New York Cheesecake. And oh, there’s always their wonderful rich milkshakes that hit the spot, even on cold nights.

The warmth of Michael Leonetti greeting his guests is unique. He also has a cute way of accommodating kids. At Christmas for instance, he brings in the phone and has a direct line to Santa Claus. He talks to Santa on the phone showing the kids where the camera is and gives the kids a big lollipop.

Michael then tells the kids that if they finish all their food they’ll get a complimentary desert on the house. Kids love it, and the entire family has a memorable evening of dining and entertainment.

My Mothers House Italian Restaurant frequently has many notables stop by. While I was there, legendary referee Joe Cortez, and magician Dixie Dooley visited, among others.

Michael Leonetti and legendary boxing referee Joe Cortes With Pete Allman.

My Mothers House Italian Restaurant is located at 9320 Sun City Boulevard in Sun City. Call for reservations at 702-998-2820.

Celebrity Scene News awards 5 stars to My Mothers House Italian Restaurant for authentic Italian recipes, excellent service, and terrific entertainment.

Magician Dixie Dooley with Michael Leonetti and Pete Allman.
Michael Leonetti performing Sinatra

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