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Taste the Cab Frank Cabernet

As the proprietor of the Coastal Vineyards Wine Club I get to taste a lot of different wines to determine which wines go into our wine clubs. We welcome you to our private cellar and our video series called Message in a Bottle and our review of Kahn’s Cab Frank for our Cabernet Wine Club. Today we will be tasting the Cab Frank.

As a reminder our wine reviews aren’t meant to be a high society snob review. We are just going to drink and talk about the wines that we regularly feature in our wine club. So kick back, relax and enjoy.

Today we will bring back a classic wine that we featured a few years ago in our wine club. It is the Cab Frank which is a blend of merlot / cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc. This vintage has an interesting story. The wine maker who was a Sinatra fan, played the swining sounds of Sinatra through the entire process, they even put a radio with a Sinatra CD on top of the barrel and looped the CD. Well as it turned out the Sinatra family heard of this project and actually gave approval to use the Sinatra name on the label.

This wine was hand-crafted and bottled with a passion and enthusiasm by Kahn Winery. The wine maker is Andrew Kahn who trained Fess Parker eventually becoming an Assistant Winemaker. During this time he began to experiment with small lots of wine on the side, while he made wine for a half dozen other winemakers who also used the facility.

This wine is a must try for any Sinatra fan. Good luck getting your hands on a bottle; the remaining bottles are now selling for over $150 a bottle. I only have two left myself.

Watch the video to see the rating we give this wine that is apart of the Coastal Vineyards Cabernet Wine Club.

Signing off at Pigging out!

Rocco “Boss Hog” Loosbrock

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