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Shangri-La Deli & Salad: Heavenly Sandwiches

Shangri La Deli and Salad
Kristie at the Deli counter

The legend is true. There exists a mystical place where deli lovers find happiness; the-way-you-like-it, hot and cold, carnivore or veggie, delicious sandwich combinations at great prices. Shangri-La Deli & Salad offers crazy breakfast and lunch satisfaction. A packed deli counter of cheeses, meats and breads supports a fiery grill fiercely ablaze with chicken, turkey, salmon, steak and other daily hot specials and wraps. Another counter boasts two rows of Hot Salad Bar choices, mirrored by a cold counter that shows off its own assortment of delicious fruits and salads.

The Cold Salad Bar

Owners Phillip and Kristie Yoo run a tight ship with quick service. A long line waiting for Friday’s Grilled Chicken, fresh Mozzarella, basil, tomato, and avocado on garlic bread, foretells tasty, fresh food to come. An LA Veggie version remains popular with veggie lovers. Modest space provides some seats to relax with a cup of Gourmet Coffee.

Phillip at the Hot Salad Bar

Don’t climb the Himalayas in search of paradise. Don’t read ancient Tibetan scriptures to find immortal happiness. Just get over to the Shangri-La Deli for some of the best sandwiches in town.

Phillip Yoo

Shangri-La Deli & Salad

(between 169th St. & 170th St.)

228 Fort Washington Avenue

Manhattan, NY 10032

(212) 927-6685

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