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Oasis of Williamsburg: Fast, Fresh and Tasty

Oasis Of Williamsburg
Oasis Of Williamsburg
Oasis Of Williamsburg

As you climb the crowded steps of the Brooklyn subway L train after a day of hard work or school classes, the desire to cook and fuss over lunch or dinner may not be on the top of your list of things to look forward. Yet, it is no mirage that taunts you, a vision of fresh Hummus, Mousakah and Babaghanouj awaits, the Oasis Of Williamsburg.

A taste of the Middle East
Aissar manning the Falafel station

A few small tables, a window-bar to view street activity and a couple of outside benches provide space for on the spot eating. Olive oil, sesame and thyme, find a seat, while Aissar scopes up the fried Chick Peas for the pita bread or Mohammad cuts a slice of flaked pastry, a sweet Baklava treat made with pistachios and walnuts. Now, try some rice pudding or coconut cake, a cup of Turkish coffee, and relax.

Oasis of Williamsburg

161 North 7th Street (7th N. & Bedford)

Phone: (718) 218-7607

Cuisine: Middle Eastern

Hours: 11:00am-3:00am (Seven days a week)

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