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Mayura-Southern India’s Delight


The name Mayura is derived from the language of Sanskrit, which means Peacock in India. The philosophy of the country’s cuisine is a Celebration of life through the aromatic foods, especially the vegetarian dishes.

On this occasion, my guest and I were greeted by Padmini Puthanturayal and her husband, Aniyan, who were most gracious.

Padmini knows her profession as a businesswoman and keeping the traditional recipes of her family authentic. Sathi, her sister, manages the kitchen to ensure the quality of cuisine is perfect.

“We don’t use any preservatives or colors in our foods and we import all our spices,” Padmini said.

Our journey to the southern part of India’s cuisine began with appetizers, vegetable samosa, two deep fried crispy crust, stuffed with mashed potatoes and peas and Bhel Puri, consisting of fresh tomatoes, onions, baked potatoes in a tamarind chutney and cilantro.

We also enjoyed The Dahi Vada, two vadas dipped in yogurt sauce and garnished with cilantro. All three appetizers were excellent. As with any meal, it is customary to order bread. In the southern part of India, Ghee Roast is ordered with the meal. This is much lighter then naan bread, and comes as a pyramid that the patron can unwrap.

Considering that these dishes are most gratifying, it’s no wonder that Padmini is living up to her philosophy of giving her patrons home style cooking with devotion, elegance and peace.

The main entrees served were a butter Chicken, which is grilled then cooked in a silky smooth tomato gravy, Kearla Special, which is fish curry, halibut with tamarind in a gravy sauce. This dish isn’t served anywhere else in Southern California. The last entree was the Vegetable Uthappen, a pancake prepared with rice, pickle, and Raita, which consist of AlooGobi, [potato and cauliflower cooked in a savory sauce.]

For meat lovers, I would suggest any of the goat, lamb, shrimp or chicken dishes.

Mayura also serves gluten free dishes.

On a final note, their beverages and desserts are just as delightful as their main entrees The Ginger Beer and Mango Lassi, which has a bit of salt are an excellent choice and the Carrot Halwa and the Sagary, white balls of paneer, soaked in a cardomon flavored cream.

Mayura Indian Restaurant is located at 10406 Venice Blvd. in Culver City. They’re open from 11am until 10 pm Tuesday – Sunday. Call 310-559-0644 for dinner or lunch or to have your event catered.

Celebrity Scene News awards 4 stars for Mayura Indian cuisine, service and ambiance. Tell them Pete referred you.

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