‘Killer Shrimp’ Restaurant a New Hot Spot in Marina Delrey!

Killer Shrimp, formerly The Lobster House is the new hot spot in Marina delRey. The restaurant has a view of the bay. There’s also a huge convention area upstairs for special events and there’s Killer Shrimp Cafe next door, serving breakfast until 1pm everyday.

At night the restaurant and bar is fully packed. Killer Shrimp with its killer view has boaters. The owners have made sure their customers are totally satisfied, especially with complimentary parking. It was Wednesday evening when I entered the restaurant and was greeted by Brett Doherty, the general manager, who I introduced to Tom Hallick, an actor friend from The Young and Restless. Tom who was the lead, Brad Elliot in the early days of this soap, has traveled extensively throughout the world and knows his cuisine.

surf and turf

Killer Shrimp is one big family of knowledgeable folks, from the hostess Candice to our waiter, David Downs 11, who by the way is an artist, that sells his paintings at Killer Shrimp. It is time to take a culinary journey, southern California style. Starting with the Shrimp cocktails, made with Alvarado, cucumber, celery and their sweet spicy sauce, all with large juicy fresh shrimp, is outstanding.

“I never had anything like this, it’s like a souped up Ceviche, stated Hallick.”-Peter Allman

mojito 2

We then ordered a salad wedge, made with mango, blue cheese cheese. Wow, that hit the spot. After some nice conversation about the film business, we then ordered Fettuccine Alfredo for Tom Hallick and Alaskan Salmon atop roasted garlic mashed potatoes with roasted vegetables for me. Both dishes were outstanding, especially the mango atop my salmon. Ending our culinary journey, there was just one more item, that was the pecan pie. Just like my Mother use to make those pies, brought me back to my childhood.

patio shots

Pleasantly satisfied, we departed into the sunset. Killer Shrimp is located in the heart of Marina del Rey on 4211 Admiralty Way and are open for lunch and dinner. Call for reservations at [310] 578-2293. Celebrity Scene News rates Killer Shrimp on a scale of 1-10 a 10 for great service, bay view and quality of cuisine.

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