Gracie Reveals The Secret to Healthy Living

I’m sure when people imagine a “Diet Book,” images of little men in short shorts sweating to the oldies and overweight house fraus in leotards working their “Thigh masters” or doing “Tae Bo” in their living room come to mind. The last thing people would think about is M.M.A. fighters, bloody U.F.C. battles and Gracie Jiu Jitsu (G.J.J.) masters.

One man, the man responsible for bringing the Ultimate Fighting Championship to the world, and revolutionizing martial arts with his family’s style of Jiu Jitsu, known as Gracie Jiu Jitsu, now seeks to revolutionize the diet world with his new book, The Gracie Diet.

Rorion Gracie, “First of all, it should not even be called a ‘diet’ since it’s not restrictive as other diets are. All we do is to become aware that different foods cause different chemical reactions. These chemical reactions can cause fermentation and blood acidity which is the reason for most of the infectious and degenerative diseases. What you want, is to keep your blood alkaline, and be free of headaches, acid reflux, ulcers, irregular bowl movements, and an array of health issues, all of which are caused by the improper food combinations.”

gracie diet book cover
Gracie Diet Cover

“So a couple of years ago, I realized that everything I have done for the last 35 years in America had allowed me to fulfill my dream of making Gracie Jiu-jitsu popular all over the world. However, I had a much more challenging and important mission to accomplish: I am committed to teach the world how to improve their lives by changing their eating habits. The Gracie Diet book is the flag of this new crusade. It’s an easy read, and teaches people how to gradually shift to a new eating program that is not restrictive and can be done anywhere, even if you are on the road.”

Master Pedro Sauer (G.J.J.) when asked if the Gracie Diet works said, “Yes it does work, and I definitely recommend it.” He also says he has been on the Diet since 1975, and that it is the main reason he stays fit. Gracie Jiu Jitsu practitioners feel it is the best diet in the world, but Gracie humbly says, “I am not sure it’s the best diet in the world, but it is the best one I know. I saw Uncle Carlos and my father live well into their nineties with great health which translates into good quality of life. The last time I saw my dad, he was 94. I had gone to visit him at his ranch in Brazil. He gave me a hug and a kiss and said: ‘Rorion, let’s go on the mat so I can show you a new choke I am working on.'”

gracie fruit load
The Gracies with fruit for a week.

Most people that reach the level of success that Rorion Gracie has would be happy to sit back and enjoy the rewards of their labor. Not Gracie though, “I am doing lectures, on lifestyle, and healthy eating all over the world. Our Facebook page and the web site are receiving great feedback. I want the whole world to try it for two weeks and if they don’t feel better, then go back to the old eating habits. Just think of the possibilities, if it works as I know it will, you will live healthier than ever! You have nothing to lose! That is why this is my job for the next forty years.”

“After decades of answering questions from my jiu-jitsu students about the benefits of these eating habits, I am glad they now have the simple guidelines to follow and improve their own health. The response has been overwhelming. One year after its release, it was among the top five most sold in Brazil. This is very exciting.”

Russell W. Dickson

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