El Rincon Criollo – Forty Years of Cuban Food

So many delectable foods are available in Los Angeles. One special restaurant that is part of this culture is El Rincon Criollo, which has been delighting patrons for 40 years.

Jason Graff, the owner, says his cuisine dates back to the Mesoamerica cultures which inhabited Havana prior to the Spanish in 1492. Cuban cuisine. This is, in essence, a combination of Spanish, American, and Carribbean cuisine.

Graff in his culinary experience adds to the culture of Cuban cuisine but keeps his traditional recipes.

pete diane edward jason at El Ricon Criollo
Pete Allman as President Trump, Diane Kim, Edward Kim and Jason Graff at El Ricon Criollo. Photo: c/o Pete Allman

Culinary Journey

Edward and Diane Kim were my guests on this occasion. Diane, like so many of us, loves the way Jason prepares his Roast Pork sandwiches. These wonderful delights are prepared with mustard, pickles, mayo, roast pork, on bread made here.

However, there’s so much more with Cuban cuisine. We started with Malta, a nutritious rice softy drink brewed from barley and hops. It was very tasty.

Accompanying our drinks were Ham Croquetts, served with banana chips and Fried Yucca and a wonderful serve of garlic sauce.

carne con papas
Carne con papas

Our main course consisted of Roasted Leg of Pork, Pierna de Puerco with a touch of old-world Cuban recipe. Our second entre was Pollo to chef, chunks of tender grilled chicken seasoned with bell peppers, olives, onions, tomatoes, served with white rice and black beans.

With our satisfied tummies, we shared Cuban flan, Dulce de Leche and rice pudding.

Wow, what a delight.

We were all very happy, pleasantly full and pleased with our afternoon and the entertaining conversation.

chicken in garlic sauce
Chicken in garlic sauce. Photo by Jason Graff.


In the Somabar, you’ll find these fabulous cocktail drinks:

• Cosmopolitan
• Mango Breeze
• Margarita
• Wild Thing (Mango)
• Cape Codder
• Passion Cocktail
• Mango Margarita

Wine Tasting Dinners

Also, look out for the Wine Tasting Dinners presented by El Rincón Criollo & Gourmet Wine Getaways
Host : Peter Kerr, Gourmet Wine Getaways
Special Guest : Spencer Daley (winemaker)
Featuring : Slyd Winery
When : December 11, 2019 @7:00 pm
How Much : $65/person +tax & gratuity

Advance reservations for the Wine Tasting Dinners are essential, call 310 397 9295.

El Rincon Criollo is at 4361 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City CA 90230, open Tuesday to Sunday, starting at 11:00am during the week and 12:00 noon on the weekend.

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