Cafe Du Liban- An International Setting

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Mediterranean splendor

Located just east of Tampa Avenue at 19223 Ventura Blvd., this cafe is a cozy place for business meetings, a romantic lunch or a quick bite. Unlike chain restaurants, Cafe Du Liban is family owned and the food is prepared from scratch.

While sitting in a comfortable lounge chair, I couldn’t help but notice the culturally diverse patrons enjoying the delectable foods from around the world. Recently I delighted my taste buds with some of their Mediterranean cuisine.

During a business meeting there, Alex Ayzin, my business partner, and his associate Mike Rayahi ordered an array of dishes.

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Wow, what a great way to enjoy the afternoon with friends or family and good conversation.

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All these appetizers are between $6 and $9.

Let’s go to the main entrees. I ordered the Grilled Tilapia, filleted fish marinated with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. The other entrees included Lamb Shanks served with a variety of vegetables, and Chicken and Shrimp Kabab marinated in the chef’s sauce.

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Historic site Lebanon
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Historic Lebanon

CSN rates Cafe Du Liban a 9.