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The new issue of The Hollywood Sentinel, the free online entertainment website, published the 1st and 15th of every month, is now out.

Begun by producer and talent manager Bruce Edwin, The Hollywood Sentinel is unlike any other site for several reasons. For one, it features no gossip or negative news, “Only the good news,” it declares, and is founded on the law of attraction technique in its reporting. Secondly, it is E-mailed directly to the personal E-mails or offices of every star that appears in its pages. And thirdly, it is a tool for aspiring actors, models, and bands on how to make it in the entertainment industry.

nicolas cage
Image, Hollywood legend Nicolas Cage, A(c) 2010, Saturn.

Editor and talent manager Bruce Edwin states, “I wanted to do something really special for these people aspiring to make it in this industry we all love so much, that would help them, for free, and so I started this article just for them. I love doing it; it’s a great feeling to create it knowing that we are helping for free, someone out there by giving them valuable information they need so they make the right decisions, instead of the wrong ones. There is so much wrong information out there, and most of these people just don’t have a clue, so it’s really good to clear some things up for them.”

You know the thing is, artists think, you know, well, “Artists have to suffer.” That’s completely ridiculous. That’s so ridiculous! It’s like what are you thinking man, you have to suffer?! “Oh, well, I’ll really be known when I’m dead.” Well, maybe, maybe not! You know, so the reality is, why be known when you’re dead when you can be known right now? This is not a task the artist should turn over to the manager or PR firm but take responsibility for themselves.

– Grant Cardone

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