A few days ago, there was the unveiling of world renowned artist, Randy Morgan’s “Main Beach Panorama” at the Art Hotel in Laguna Beach.

The unveiling was attended by Mayor Steve Dicterow with entertainer Sean Sullivan, Gail Duncan, the owner of the Art Hotel and Stefan Anderson, General Manager of Hotel Laguna.

Randy Morgan, Stefan Anderson, Steve Dicterow, Gail Duncan.
Randy Morgan, Stefan Anderson, Steve Dicterow, Gail Duncan.

Hotel Laguna, established in 1930, the main focus of the mural, is considered a sculpted piece in the style referred to as “Bas Relief Bronze Sculpture” which is eight feet high and thirty five feet long.

Said Faraj, who was the supporting actor with Mat Damon in the film “Green Zone,” said Randy Morgan’s sculptures, especially the “Main Beach Panorama,” mural, should draw art lovers to the Art Hotel, world wide.

Laguna Beach Mayor Mr. & Mrs. Steve Dicterow, Pete Allman.
Laguna Beach Mayor Mr. & Mrs. Steve Dicterow, Pete Allman

The event, celebrating Randy Morgan’s arrival, presenting Morgan as the main artist on display, will also feature other local artists of Laguna Beach.

The Art Hotel is a boutique hotel in Laguna Beach, California, that caters to artists and tourists from all over the world.

Randy Morgan said of Gail Duncan, “Gail does so much for the community, she is a beacon of light, especially in helping individuals who are homeless.”

Main Beach Panorama

Main Beach Panorama Mural.
Main Beach Panorama Mural
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