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Tracy Reiner, other Stars from A League of Their Own Visit Chicago

tracy and penny
tracy and penny

Some movies get lost to history, while still some others ‘make’ history. Like the story of the film itself, “A League of Their Own”​ did just that, and now, 23 years later, is being saluted at the much loved Hollywood Show in Chicago​, Illinois,​ on May 2nd and 3rd, 2015​ at the Hilton Rosemont.​

Based on on the real life story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL), “A League of Their Own” is not only a case of art imitating life by depicting the historic, unique, strong female characters portrayed, but is also a real life story of success against all odds for the cast members themselves, breaking in some of today’s most successful female stars with the actors’ most powerful, and for some, even ‘first’ major motion picture role. ​Hollywood Show attendees will meet the cast of this timeless film, as Hollywood comes to Chicago for the biggest VIP Hollywood event of the year in the Windy City.

tracy and penny

Directed by Hollywood’s legendary Penny Marshall, who became the first female director of all time to create a film that grossed over 100 million dollars, the landmark motion picture comedy- drama “A League of Their Own” stars Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Lori Petty, Tracy Reiner, and Madonna among more. The film was selected in 2012 for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.”

As relevant and entertaining today as it was in 1992, “A League of Their Own” is discussed in colleges and universities throughout the world for its fictional, yet factual relevance in documenting American history, and particularly, a relevant part of the women’s movement. Th​at beloved line spoken by Tom Hanks, “There’s no crying in baseball!” went on to become one of the most favorite movie lines in the world, and brought millions around the world the joy of laughter, and tears. Penny Marshall’s impact on culture and her influence on motion picture at large with “A League of Their Own” is forever cemented as a landmark​,​ artistic achievement in the history of our times.

‘The Hollywood Show’ is an exciting, ‘quarterly only’ special event founded and created by the owner of Hollywood’s popular and long standing ‘Star World’ memorabilia shop; David Elkouby. David Elkouby invited the stars to his first convention to sign autographs, and the stage was set; fans began coming in droves, with the show now having expanded to Las Vegas and Chicago, in addition to Los Angeles; entertainment capitol of the world. The Hollywood Show delivers year after year, some of the most beloved and lasting stars, celebrities, and icons from the world of entertainment, giving fans the rare and unique opportunity to meet and talk face to face with their ​cherished​ heroes and heroines of the silver screen.

A League of Their Own, A Classic

On May 2nd, and 3rd, 2015, Chicago film fans will be fortunate enough to attend the Hollywood Show at the Hilton Rosemont / Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel (5550 N. River Road, Rosemont, IL, 60018), and meet the cast for the very special reunion celebration of the historical modern classic film, “A League of Their Own.”

​​Hollywood Show fans in Chicago will get to meet cult classic icon ‘Betty Spaghetti,’ aka Tracy Reiner, actress and producer appearing in the hit film “​Apollo 13,” and as seen in dozens of other major motion pictures and blockbusters including “​classics as The Flamingo Kid,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “The Sure Thing,” “Die Hard,” “Beaches,” “New Years Day,” “Frankie and Johnny,” “Pretty Woman,” “Valentine’s Day,”​ ​star of “Masque of the Red Death,” producer of ‘Children of the Revolution,” and work on “Laverne and Shirley” among more.

Chicago fans at The Hollywood Show ​will also get to meet “A League of Their Own” actress Kelli Simpkins, who will have personal appeal to Chicago fans, having graced the stage at the About Face Theatre, and Chicago Dramatists Theatre. “A League of Their Own” actress Anne Ramsay, former star on the hit TV show “Mad About You” will also appear, as will “A League of Their Own” actress Lori Petty, recently cast​ ​ as ‘Lolly’ on the acclaimed new TV series “Orange is the New Black.” “A League of Their Own” star Megan Cavanaugh will also be​ ​present, who went on to do voice work for the hit “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,” and who appeared in Mel Brooks’ “Robin Hood: Men in Tights,” and “Dracula: Dead and Loving It” among more.

Chicago fans will also enjoy meeting “A League of Their Own” producer Patti Pelton who will make an appearance signing autographs with the stars. And Chicago fans will also get a chance to meet yet another one of their cities best, “A League of Their Own” star Anne Cusack. ​ “A League of Their Own” was the film that paved the way for ​this Chicago native to later appear on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” “One Tree Hill​,​” “Charmed,” “Ghost Whisperer,” “Boston Legal,” “Frasier,” “Criminal Minds,” “Star Trek: Enterprise,” and “Ace Ventura Jr: Pet Detective,” among many more.

American actress, producer and director Penny Marshall is loved throughout the world for her work as an actress and director.

With generation after generation growing up watching her work in her triple Golden Globe nominated role of Laverne DeFazio in the classic hit sitcom “Laverne and Shirley,” which ran for nearly a decade from the mid seventies until the early eighties, and earlier, for her role as Myrna Turner on The Odd Couple (1971-1975), and her appearances on the hit shows “Taxi,” “Happy Days,” “Mary Tyler Moore,” and “Mork and Mindy” among many more, Penny Marshall is a part of pop culture history. Her beautiful presence, radiant smile, New York talk and no-nonsense attitude portrayed to the world a strong, capable, determined, employed, powerful woman that could ‘make it on her own,’ and in the words of that classic theme song of the “Laverne and Shirley” show itself, “doin’ it our way…”​ her way indeed. ​

Penny Marshall’s early work was funny, daring, and feminist, replicating often on screen, the talent and indepen​den​ce of her own life. ​Yet, this was just the beginning for Penny Marshall. Not only did she break barriers as being a top paid actress with her own co-starring role on prime time, she went on to break the biggest record of her career yet. She proceeded to become not only a director, but one of the world’s ​most successful and notable ​directors of our time, following her debut ​of “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” in 1986 with a film aptly titled just that; “Big” (1988), led by superstar Tom Hanks, earning Ms. Marshall the honors of being the first female director ​of all time to gross over $100 million dollars at the U.S. box office alone. She went on to direct comic legend Robin Williams in “Awakenings” (1990), earning her an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, and followed that up ​just ​two years later with “A League of Their Own” (1992), garner​ing the film and the director herself ​their rightful ​place in the canon of American film history ​and culture ​as one of the film greats.

Penny Marshall later directed pop legend Whitney Houston in 1996’s hit “The Preacher’s Wife,” “​the sweet comedy Riding ​In Cars with Boys” (2001)​ with Drew Barrymore​, and later produced the highly acclaimed motion picture “Cinderella Man” (2005) ​with Academy Award winner Russell Crow, ​and ​later ​the charmingly​ enjoyable film “Bewitched” (2005) with Nicole Kidman, among more. Between dozens and dozens of ​other​ legendary work ​both ​behind the camera and on ​screen​, Penny Marshall later starred as herself on HBO’s hit show “Entourage” ​and “The Simpsons” ​among others. ​ The producer, director, and actress is now completing her latest work​; a documentary on ​sports superstar Dennis Rodman from the Chicago​Bulls, ​who has ​​most recently been in the news for his controversial visits with North Korean President Kim Jung Un. The film will be released later this year.

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