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Tom Dreesen Speaks Life Experiences

Tom Dreesen motivation talk. Photo c/o Tom Dreesen.

Sitting over lunch pondering upon our meeting, Tom Dreesen shares his life experiences as a comedian and motivational speaker. The icon of comedy has traveled throughout the world, however his world-renowned name was made through working with Tim Reid as a biracial comedy duo.

A black and white comedy was quite unique during those years.

Tim and Tom at Mr Kellys. Photo c/o Tom Dreesen.
Tim and Tom at Mr Kellys. Photo c/o Tom Dreesen for NewsBlaze.

It was primarily working with Frank Sinatra that escalated Dreesen’s career as a comedian, later opening for Sammy Davis Jr.

“I spent 13 years with Frank. He was like a father to me. Frank lived life his way to the very end. During that time in history we partied heavy until the wee hours of the morning. But Frank will always be remembered as taking care of his friends in need and those were not known.”

Tim and Tom early photo. Photo c/o Tom Dreesen for NewsBlaze.

Dreesen’s appearances over his 50 years in showbusiness, on such shows as Johnny Carson-Tonight Show, Murder She Wrote, Colombo, Spaceballs and WKRP in Cinncinnatti enabled him to travel throughout the world, entertaining and uplifting audiences worldwide.

Tom Dreesen and Johnny Carson. Photo c/o Tom Dreesen for NewsBlaze.

How did Tom Dreesen know he was meant to be an award-winning comedian? He recalls, “It was the day after I first performed on stage and got a laugh, that’s when it happened. I knew, I knew in that instant moment, what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

Dreesen grew up in the suburbs of Harvey, Illinois, the south suburbs of Chicago, where there were factories, shopping centers. It was a community of mixed Americans, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Polish, Spanish, and Black. Folks worked in the community, banked and shopped in the community. But as time passed with shopping centers moving to the outskirts, the town died.

Tom grew up in poverty with 8 brothers and sisters, living in a rat- and roach-infested shack with alcoholic parents. “None of this I regret. It was the greatest thing that could have happened to me.” stated Dreesen.

Tom was right, as a young boy he shined shoes in taverns, set spins in bowling alleys, caddied in the summer and had a paper route. He disciplined himself throughout his life.

Today when Tom visits his hometown, he looks forward to seeing all those people he grew up with. Regardless of who those folks are, he’s always there to lend a helping hand. That has to do with perhaps with his belief in God and his appreciation of what life has brought him.

Tom Dreesen blacktie standup. Photo c/o Tom Dreesen for NewsBlaze.

While enjoying a healthy lunch on a rather warm day at Jerry’s Deli, Dreesen shared his views on his new book, “Still Standing … My Journey from Streets and Saloons to the Stage and Sinatra.” {AMAZON.COM}

“It’s about my life,” Dreesen says.

In closing, Dreesen gives us his aspect of performing comedy. “I do whatever comes naturally to me. It’s a conversation, not a presentation. Bottom line, it’s your job to make sure it’s not an act.”

He went on to say, “I also give motivational talks to corporations and colleges on perception, visualization, self-talk and developing a sense of humor.”

Tom Dreesen motivation talk. Photo c/o Tom Dreesen for NewsBlaze.

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