Puffer Family Collections of Paintings and Drawings

Exhibit of Paintings and Drawings From the Collections of The Puffer Family and Pacific Western Traders

This is the first time that many of the pieces have been shown publicly.

The eclectic exhibit from collections assembled over the past 50 years, including impressionistic creations acquired from Adeliza McHugh’s Candy Store Gallery in Folsom and from showings in Southern California during the 1950’s and ’60’s, Southwestern and California Native American painters from the 70’s and onwards, plus a sprinkling of Outsiders and works by famed older artists.


Some pieces will be offered for sale.

Some of the artists represented are:

Jack Alvarez

Gayle Anita

Caroline Wilkinson Armington

Frank Armington

Bruce Banyacka

Harrison Begay

Albert Bellows

Dalbert Castro

Robert Chee

W. Chew

George Cochran

M. Cooper

Neil David

Bob Dale

Frank Day

Edwin Deakin

Thomas A. Duke

Harry Fonseca

Robert Freeman

Lee Godie

Charles Harmon

Philip Hicken

D. Ingraham

Jerry Ingram

Scott Jarvie

Michael Kabotie

Frank LaPena

Paul Lecomte

Jonas Lie

Charles Lovato

Robert Maguire

Tommie Moller

Mary Morez

Ray Naha

George Nichols

Stan Padilla

Celia Rodriguez

Polly Rosen

J. D. Roybal

Stan Salazar

Jonathan Scott

Johnny Secatero

Gerald Silva

Thomas Simms

Tom Turga

Inez Walker

Paul War Cloud

Frank Weymouth

Eric Whollem

Robert Wright

Aaron Yava

Beatien Yazz

Robert Yellowhair

Joseph Yoakum

Pacific Western Traders

305 Wool Street

Folsom, CA 95630


Courtney Puffer is a writer and art dealer, who runs Pacific Western Traders with his father, Herb, in Folsom, California. Courtney is extremely knowledgeable about native American art and customs. Sadly, Courtney passed away on 17th September, 2008, while on a business trip, but his writing lives on at NewsBlaze.