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Peter Parker/Spider-Man is Unemployed

As Spider-Man, Peter Parker has always learned that with great power comes greater responsibility. However, just because you’re a superhero doesn’t mean that you get special treatment as well as immune to and the trials and tribulations of mundane everyday life.

It is a blessing — and a curse, not to mention hard to balance battling crime with trying to pay the bills, dealing with your boss who hates your alter-ego, trying to have a normal life, always remaining conflicted on deciding whether or not being an superhero is still worth the sacrifice.

Those are several of the things that Peter Parker has been dealing with since the day he became Spider-Man.

Now with the Great Recession, our friendly neighborhood webslinger’s problems are far from over because today, Peter Parker has been fired from The Daily Bugle for violation of journalism ethics — yet it was for the right reasons when Spidey uncovers an evil plan to frame editor J. Jonah Jameson, and stop it through digitally manipulating pictures taken as Peter Parker.

Still, there was a hefty price when Jameson gave Parker the pink slip and prevents him from finding work as a freelance photojournalist by blackballing him in every media outlet.

Released by Marvel Comics, an inside image is shown from Issue No. 623 of the Spider-Man comic where alter-ego Peter Parker is fired.

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