Pavel Slanina: Rising Through the Ranks

Hollywood’s independent circuit has long been the place where talent comes up unexpectedly and truly shines. Now, with the studio system preferring big action franchises over art films, or even regular drama films, the independent arena has become the space for talented newcomers to make their name and ascend the Hollywood ladder of fame. One such name currently making waves around the independent stage is Pavel Slanina. The actor has just won the IndieFest Film Award for Best Leading Actor and is widely being rated as one of the best newcomers to the movie business. One with a bright future ahead of him.

Who is Pavel Slanina

Pavel Slanina was born and raised in the Canary Islands, with the specific area being that of Tenerife. According to his own admission, he always dreamed of being an accomplished name in both cinema and theater. An avid lover of cinema, Pavel decided to make it his profession. He successfully applied to the AMDA University, renowned for being one of the best acting and music schools in the entire country, with people such as Jason Derulo and Jesse Tyler Ferguson as alumni.

After clearing the rigorous admission process, Slanina successfully pursued his passion for acting and cinema at the University and completed his studies. The ambitious young man quickly turned his eyes towards Hollywood, aiming to take a hold of it as quickly as possible.


Pavel Slanina came out of AMDA with a number of skills in his repertoire. He is an actor who does so much more. Looking at his credits over at IMDB, Slanina has had a hand at writing every single short film he has been a part of up till now. Moreover, Slanina has also worked as a director, writer and cinematographer and much more on the films he has made. He is a multi-talented and multi-faceted artist who does so much more than just acting.

From the very start, Slanina’s output began matching his ambitions. Trying his hand at everything, he wished to show just how much he could do. Just how much he can bring to cinema. However, most of his earlier work wasn’t met with overwhelming response and wasn’t widely seen either, as is the case with independent short films by newcomers. However, this was all bound to change soon enough with his new script, The Truth.

The Truth


The Truth is actually Slanina’s first ever script. He began working on it after he was finished with his studies and showed it to directed Brandon Doo and cinematographer Joris Reynaud. Both happened to be highly impressed with what they read and decided to turn the script into a short film. This happened to be Slanina’s first project approved by the production guilds of Hollywood, a major achievement for the young man.

The Truth depicts a man who unveils his deepest secret during a therapy session; having witnessed the brutal murder of a family. It is a thrilling affair that is aptly acted and brilliantly told. Co-starring Lorell Bird Hoffmann, to be seen in next year’s Ad Astra along with Brad Pitt, The thrilling dialogue is a great showcase of Slanina’s abilities as a writer, with the direction and cinematography complementing it superbly. The real highlight of the short film, however, is Slanina’s brilliant performance. His tortured portrayal of a traumatized man has earned him praise from all sections of the film community, resulting in an IndieFest Film Award for Best Leading Actor. The award has him join the likes of previous recipients such as George Clooney and Liam Neeson.

Having won the IndieFest accolade, Pavel Slanina’s career is supposed to take off immediately. Slanina’s ambition lies in bringing his own vision to the world of cinema and making his name on the cinematic world with his own singular talent. Expect him to make waves in a few years and become a household name. Your bet will be well repaid.

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