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New and Awe Inspiring Pieces of Art Beckoned Attention From All Around

Nailing down the Bull Shit daisy papp
Nailing down the Bull Shit daisy papp

This past Tuesday was an exciting evening in Miami. I was invited to the VIP Miami Art Reception, with thousands in attendance. The air was filled with electricity!

New and awe inspiring pieces of art beckoned attention from all around.

Art Basel is one of the most important shows in the country, from a cultural and social stand point in America. Art Basel has a sister show in Switzerland, which for the past 41 years has been the most prestigious show in the world. The Miami Art Basel offers selections from 250 galleries around the world, with other events happening also, such as; Music, Film, Architecture and Design. The Art Basel in art walk is located in the beautiful Art Deco District of Miami.

After taking in a few hours of incredible art, I went looking for my favorite artist Daisy Papp, who was wandering around showing off her new piece aimed at Wall Street. Called “Bull Shit Nailed,” so correctly named with the very essence of Truth. Another great artist also collaborated on this piece with Daisy, photographer Martin Kaupp.

Upon seeing the awe inspiring piece of truth, I decide to interview a few passersby to get their opinion on the piece.

This they had to say:

JonaCervinske, a well established artist residing in Miami, who is a friend of Lenny Krawitz, stated: “That’s cool and a huge message and statement! Love it!”

Rudi Sodamin, the famous gourmet chef and food consultant of the Holland America cruise line states:

“I’m a real fan of Daisy Papp’s works. With the Wall Street bull shit, Daisy speaks out visually what most Americans feel and think. The smallest actual good is better than the most magnificent promise of impossibilities.”

Thomas Babington Macaulay made an offer to buy this piece, but Daisy didn’t accept his $20,000 check. I guess this huge painting will end up in another collection.

Maybe Martin Margulies, one of the biggest art collectors in this country will get it for some 10 k more. Rudi commissioned one of Daisy’s COWPIE pieces and is now the number 3 art collector who has ordered one of Daisy’s sculptures made out of a special foam, 3ft by 2 ft and 1.5ft high sculpture nailed with a 9 inch nail.

“I have 2 dogs running in the backyard of my mansion in Coral Gables and I am happy to welcome finally a doodoo larger than my dogs… That’s too funny; I’ll have a crap of art in my garden and pay for it without the smell,” said Rudi.

After a great evening out it was time to bid everyone good night and head back to the Road Trekin rig.

Tom Ski is a master of the great outdoors. You can find Tom fly fishing in Montana, photographing elk and bison, watching birds from a hide or in the long grass, talking about life on his radio show and writing about his adventures at NewsBlaze.

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