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Actor and humanitarian Nancy Cartwright grew up in Kettering, Ohio where she excelled on the speech team and on stage as a young actress. At around twenty, she began working on the local radio station. A couple years later, she transferred to UCLA, determined to be a star. Taking the bus daily to mentor with one of the world’s most famous voice actors of his day-Daws Butler (Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Yogi Bear and many more), she got better and better. She did some television on-camera work as well as voices for various cartoon including Ritchie Rich and the Snorks, and eventually auditioned for Simpson’s creator Matt Groening who cast her as the voice of what would later become the most famous modern cartoon character of all time, Bart Simpson. What follows is part three of our exclusive interview with the the most famous voice actor of our time.


The Hollywood Sentinel: Nancy, you’ve been obviously public about your religion, and I want our readers and the public to get some understanding on that from your viewpoint. What was your first experience with Scientology and what was your biggest success that you have had?

Nancy Cartwright: Well, let’s see, I’ve been a Scientologist for (over) twenty years, and I just found out about it for myself. It isn’t something that can easily be explained in an interview. It’s best to just go to and find out for yourself.

The Hollywood Sentinel: I see.

Nancy Cartwright: The main thing that I found is that it is very practical. Whether you have a problem with a family member, someone you work with, finance, communication, drugs, illiteracy, raising children…whatever, there is a solution with Scientology. And the main thing I found is that it works for me. As far as my biggest success, I would say that it has really helped me to identify precisely what it is I want to get out of my life, career, family and to focus on naming and accomplishing my goals.

Nancy Cartwright: I’ve got a production company and we have numerous projects that are in development right now. I’m working on several children’s projects along with a screenplay and a couple other projects for online content. I have found that there is a continual challenge to balance a career and a family at the same time. I have raised two kids of my own and am currently engaged to a terrific man I have known for over twenty seven years! Pretty sweet. My kids are adults and creating their own lives, and I love being a part of that too, especially seeing how they make such good decisions in life. I am constantly impressed with them and proud beyond belief!

The Hollywood Sentinel: That’s great!

Nancy Cartwright: With more time on my hands, I also have a non-profit organization called “Happy House”. Our motto is “Building Better Families.” HH has a youth-oriented program that provides kids with the tools necessary to make better choices in their lives. Whether it is for a Boys and Girls Club, a PALS organization (Police Activities League Supporter), an after-school program or even a home- school situation, this program is one of my most rewarding accomplishments. We have six after-school programs in various cities throughout California, and even one in South Africa with six hundred kids! My goal is to make a “Good Choices Generation”! You can find out more about that by going to

Good Choice Program/

The Hollywood Sentinel: That sounds amazing. People should check all this out!

Nancy Cartwright: Other than that, I’m just enjoying my life, career, being involved in various other organizations in my community, all of which focus on benefiting children and families.

Nancy Cartwright: Thank you, very much!

“If things aren’t quite ‘going your way’ and you feel like the world has got you down, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Make a decision. Change your direction. Re-evaluate who your friends are. Do something that will put you at more cause over your life. You will find it makes all the difference in the world. Oh, and don’t have a cow, man!” – Nancy Cartwright

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