Mega TV Presents New Season of ‘Puerta Astral’- Hosted By Famous Astrologist

Spanish Broadcasting System (‘SBS”) (NASDAQ: SBSA) announced today that the new season of “Puerta Astral” returns to Mega TV’s screen every Saturday at 8:00 PM ( EST) and 9:00 PM (PT). “Puerta Astral” is hosted by renowned astrologist, archeologist and anthropologist Mauricio Puerta who will be accompanied by TV anchor and journalist Gabriela Guimarey. This show will also air on WSJU Mega TV Channel 30 in Puerto Rico every Sunday at 7 pm.

As an astrologist, Puerta does not believe in horoscopes, but in the theory of evolution of each individual. In order for him to examine all possible upcoming events in a person’s life, he elaborates the astral charts creating the exact predictions of people, places and events he foresees for the upcoming year.

Mauricio learned to read the skies from the people of the Andes “Chamanes” who adopted him decades ago when he discovered some archeological ruins in Tierradentro. Ever since, people travel to this remote place to have him advise them on their futures.

Famous Astrologist, Archeologist and Anthropologist Mauricio Puerta
Hosted by Famous Astrologist, Archeologist and Anthropologist Mauricio Puerta

Don’t miss “Puerta Astral” with Mauricio Puerta, every Saturday at 8:00 PM(EST) on Channel 22 in Miami and Channel 57 in West Palm Beach, and 9 PM (PT) on Channel 405 on DirecTV Mas. Also, every Sunday at 7 PM “Puerta Astral” can be seen on WSJU Mega TV Channel 30 in Puerto Rico.

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