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LIKOBA MODELS at Luna De Juarez: Fashion, Food and Philanthropy




At restaurant Luna De Juarez, LIKOBA MODELS hosted the “Elegance Fashion Show 2009” and honored the memory of Donald Y. Brown for his dedication and service to the children and community of the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Christy Cappillino(USA/Italy)

Teisie Sanchez(Dominican Republic)

Ekaterina Aksenova aka Katie(Russia)

Wearing Ayano Ganaha/Japanese Designer

Founder and president of the Community Improvement Project (CIP), Professor Brown helped provide, and then improve educational and medical support to the impoverished village of Wadie-Adwumakasa. Student and administrative volunteers from Iona College assisted in the implementation of his plan. He emphasized, “By building new facilities as well as improving the existing infrastructure, the Education Group Foundation works to make high quality education available to every child – .We have Africans and Americans working together to create better opportunities in education and health for the Ghanaian people.” (From The Education Group Foundation)

Jestina Cumberbatch(USA)

Wearing Oyato Designs/Nigerian designer

Photo by David Pambianchi

Lovely, personable Agathe Ngo Likoba hails from Cameroon. She created an international group of models that not only enhance the beauty of quality clothing, but combine fashion with worthy causes. The event dazzled New Yorkers with beautiful designs by Ayano Ganaha , Rafael Del Pena and Odunayo Ade showcased by professional models in a harmony of elegant dress and display.

Aminata Kanta(Ivory Coast)

Touches of glamour from every continent, Likoba Models’ tightly knit multicultural team of serious-minded individuals’ advocate social awareness and responsibility. With each fashion show, a portion of the proceeds is donated to a charity. Under Agathe’s watchful eye, through hard work, the fittings and rehearsals, the team brings together fashion, beauty and heart.

Ekatarina Aksenova(Russia)

Wearing Oyato Designs
Photo by Christy Cappillino

Friendly and gracious, restaurant owners Hugh Juarez and Gloria Luna did their charitable part and allowed Likoba Models the use of Luna De Juarez’s cafe atmosphere. Rounding the evening out with delights to the palate, the menu offers extensive and exquisite Mexican cuisine. Homemade sauces add unique flavor, like grilled pepper and tomato Chipotle. Taste a little Shrimp and Chicken with Tequila sauce. Savor Tampiquena, a sizzling plate of grilled steak with spicy chocolate based mole sauce, yellow rice and fried beans. Perhaps, tableside stone-ground Guacamole. Flamed peaches with Vanilla cream? Darkchocolate dipped strawberries and bananas? Coconut flan? You know what to do.

Libra Jiminez(USA/Cuba)

Wearing Ayano Ganaha
Photo by Christy Cappillino

Salimata Ouedraogo (Ivory Coast)

Wearing Oyato Designs
Photo by Christy Cappillino

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To contact event participants:

LIKOBA MODELS: www.myspace.com/likobamodels


Ayano Ganaha: blogspot

Rafael Del Pena: www.rafaeldepena.info

Odunayo Ade: www.oyato.blogspot.com

Husband and wife team Hugo & Gloria

LUNA DE JUAREZ Restaurant/Cafe

25-98 Steinway Street, Astoria, NY

Weekend Buffet Brunch/Lunch Specials

Live band/DJ Fri. & Sat.

Free Delivery (718) 274-4350

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