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Magic & Mixology 🎩 Learn to 🧞 Magically 🧞‍♀️ Mix Cocktails in the Comfort of Your Own Zoom

Magic & Mixology Show banner. image c/o Will Roberts

Magic and Mixology can coexist, apparently, as a hatful of magicians proves this week. Setting up “An Evening of Magic and Frivolity,” Magic Man Will Roberts introduces magicians extraordinaire, Matt Donnelly, RJ Owens and Chris Herren as Faust.

Together, the four magicians work with the Mixology of Virtual Cocktails – in a Zoom Show, no less.

As Will Roberts says, “An Evening of Magic is more than just a show from the comfort of your own Zoom! It brings joy in the form of top-notch, diverse, and award winning magicians from all across the United States right into your living room, mobile device, or laptop.”

The four magical conjurors take their magic show a step further, to create an immersive cabaret experience, complete with a mixologist, in a menu of virtual offerings.

Magic Mixology & Matt Donnelly

chris herren mixology. image c/o Will Roberts.
Chris Herren mixology. image c/o Will Roberts.

They call it “Magic & Mixology” and invite adults young and old to pull up a barstool and join in the mirth-making.

Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, Magic & Mixology welcomes the side splitting, jaw dropping magic of Matt Donnelly: The Mind Noodler.

Donnelly started his magical life on a dare by Penn Jillette to “learn a magic trick.” He quickly found tremendous success touring comedy clubs and theaters across the country opening for Piff the Magic Dragon (of America’s Got Talent).

Penn & Teller

RJ Owens mixology. image c/o Will Roberts.

Each magic trick in the show was specifically taught to Matt by some of the all-time greats of the Las Vegas magic community including Penn & Teller.

Will Roberts is MC for the night. He told NewsBlaze “Speaking of Penn & Teller, while Teller was taking some time off recuperating from back surgery, Penn asked Matt to join him and Mac King for a run of shows called ‘Penn & Friends’ on the Penn & Teller stage in Fabulous Las Vegas. Matt is co-host of Penn’s Sunday School, the Ice Cream Social & Abbracababble Podcasts and the Head Writer/Producer for ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us,’ CW’s all time highest rated television show ever.”

When NewsBlaze heard about this magical presentation, there was a glaring question. “How will viewers and their guests ‘partake’ at this virtual bar?”

“With a magic wand and a little sleight of hand,” says Will Roberts.

A booze-slinging genius has concocted a vast menu of thematic cocktails and will walk viewers through the step-by-step process of getting ossified with style between acts.

Participants get a shopping list of liquors to give to their friends and guests before the revelries commence so they can play along at home. Pick one or all of the mixed intoxicants to make at home and enjoy with the leadership and tutelage of the virtual bartender.

Coupon Code

Magic & Mixology provided a coupon code for NewsBlaze readers: PRALLEN2021

This coupon code gives NewsBlaze readers 10% off for the next show on Saturday March 13 at 8pm EST. Note that NewsBlaze does NOT make a commission on this show, nor for writing and publishing the story.

Go to the link below, click on the red “Buy Tickets” button on that page, set the number and type of tickets then click on the red “Checkout” button. On the Checkout page, click the “Enter Coupon Code” link and enter the code PRALLEN2021, then click Enter for a 10% discount. The link is: https://www.aneveningofmagic.com/event-details/an-evening-of-magic-presents-magic-mixology

Thematic Evenings

The Magic and Mixology crew offers a wide variety of thematic evenings and carefully selected craft cocktails conducive to consuming comestibles of the alcoholic variety including:

The Roaring 20’s

Imbibe just like Al Capone did or F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about … when Bathtub Gin and Speakeasies were the “Talk of the Town”!


  • The Old Fashioned
  • The French 75
  • The Mary Pickford

Happy Days

Return to the days of Sock Hops and Hula Hoops and take a swig like Richie, Potsy and the Fonz would have (If we ever got to see them drink).


  • The Blue Hawaii
  • The Rum Runner
  • The White Russian
Long Island iced tea mixology. image c/o Will Roberts.

Saturday Night Fever

As they say, “If you can remember the 70’s … you didn’t LIVE the 70’s.”


  • The Harvey Wallbanger
  • The Piña Colada
  • The Brandy Alexander

Totally Tubular!!

Dude! Spicolli AND The Breakfast Club have joined forces to bring some radical bevvies sure to make participants say “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”


  • The Alabama Slammer
  • The B-52
  • The Between the Sheets
The Vesper mixology. image c/o Will Roberts

The Silver Screen

If any one phenomena has given the crew more ideas for liquid refreshment it is unquestionably Movies! From James Bond to the Wolfpack and everyone in between, they all had their poison.


  • The Vesper
  • The Orange Whip
  • The Long Island Iced Tea

The Next Magic & Mixology Show is on Saturday March 13 at 8pm EST. (See the COUPON CODE heading above)

Will Roberts can be contacted at 702-481-5829 or his website: ActorWillRoberts.com

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