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Kids Really Do Say The Darnest Things

A very adorable, smart and talented young princess has not only figured out a way to soften your heart by the age of 5 she has even discovered exactly how she is going to see mommy and daddy whenever she wants.

But first:

Let me remind you this is the same little girl who needs a band aid to keep her eyeball from falling out. Yup, this same one that has a magical purse with change inside used to get gum from her brother’s gumball machine that mysteriously walks up the steps, opens up, the change flies out, lands into the gum ball machine and spits out a piece of gum that rolls into her mouth and forces her to chew.

Wait, after about 15-20 minutes of chewing, my guess is once the flavor’s gone, she decides it’s a flavor she doesn’t like and demands a refund for a new one. Remember this is the little girl who has no idea how the gum got in her mouth in the first place, nor did she put the money in the machine to begin with, but she wants a refund for a new piece.

Last night she told me that she wants her middle name to be “gorgeous”, and a few days ago she calmly explained to her nanny and poppy that when Mommy and Daddy dies she is going to bury them in the backyard just so she can dig them up whenever she wants to see them.. OH REALLY??? HMMM?

Kids really do say some of the darnest things!

Share some of the things you heard kids say over the years please comment below….

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