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John Allen as 007 Appeared At World’s Only James Bond Auto Exhibition


Today, John Allen, out of Del Ray Beach, Fla., shared about his being a Sean Connery lookalike at a special Bond event in Miami. The event will run through Oct. 1.

John Allen as James Bond on gig


“OO7” spoke about his ongoing appearance at a famous car exhibit, and the hot bodies at this event included human guests plus the mechanical kind on four wheels as well!

“I’m currently appearing at The James Bond Car Exhibit. It is one of the Dezer Collection. Both myself, as OO7, and the exhibit, will be here through Oct. 1, 2013. I’m appearing at this event in Miami, and the exhibit is the only one of its kind in the world!”


John Allen at museum

In the past, John Allen acted in plays for a local theater and modeled as well. As an actor, he auditioned for a professional touring company doing summer stock productions. Howard Keel of Broadway fame, Gene Wilder of movie fame and Arlene Francis in television are a few of the talent Allen has worked with.


At this time, however, this talented man keeps busy being a Sean Connery OO7 celebrity lookalike. As the famous British secret agent, Allen finds himself at many events, this time at an exhibit of James Bond vehicles!

“Come join the fun at The James Bond Museum. It is a fascinating place!”

John Allen as Bond with fans


The Dezer Collection Auto Museum and Event Space is the largest and most eclectic transportation collection in the world.

“One can discover more about myself as ‘OO7’ and about the fantastic car museum by going to John Allen and Miami Auto Museum.”


Enjoy video clips of Allen as Bond, Connery as Bond and Connery as himself.

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