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Jennifer Morrison Returns to The ‘House’ for Finale

Jennifer Morrison takes a short trip from Storybrooke to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, as she checks back in for the series finale of House.

Morrison was one of the original team members as Dr. Cameron, whose empathy and idealism often clashes with her former boss’ cynicism and manipulation. The actress left the series in the spring of 2010, where her character returned to have estranged husband Chase (Jesse Spencer) signed the divorce papers.

It has been reported that Morrison, who currently stars on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, shot a cameo for the finale, though FOX has yet to confirmed it.

Also returning are Olivia Wilde (Thirteen), Kal Penn (Kutner), and Amber Tamblyn (Masters). Sadly, Lisa Edelstein will not be coming back as Cuddy.

The series finale of House airs May 21 on FOX.

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