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Janet Riehl Announces the Second Mile Award

Erwin and Janet
Erwin and Janet

Here’s a daughter-father present you may not have thought of. Janet Riehl’s father Erwin A. Thompson turns 95 this November. To honor him, Janet has created an annual Second Mile Award. The holder of the 2010 award receives a $500 honorarium, a certificate, and publication on Riehlife of the nomination essay.

The deadline for nomination essays is November 9, 2010. The Second Mile Award honors Elders 75 years and older whose dignity, character, creativity, and connection to community have quietly contributed to the world around them.

Erwin and Janet

To find out how to nominate an Elder, learn more about the award, the meaning of the Second Mile, and Erwin A. Thompson’s life, go to the link www.riehlife.com.

What better way to voice the Village Wisdom for the 21st Century that Riehl Life is dedicated to?

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