From Sports to Celluloid: Jacob Kyle Young’s Impressive Life Graph is a Movie in Itself

If someone plays sports or loves cheering for their favorite team, they are no stranger to injuries that players are invariably afflicted with. The sports industry causes over 3.5 million injuries every year in The United States of America.

That’s like the entire population of Los Angeles! However, every player knows the number of risks involved in playing their sport. Despite this, sportsmen still give it their all, driven by the passion for their respective games. However, they also hear about sports stars who go on to become entertainment stars.

These include Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Bradshaw and many more. Pretty soon, another name is going to join that list and that is Jacob Kyle Young.

Jacob Kyle Young

Jacob Kyle YoungA soccer and football player in his youth, Jacob Kyle Young was on his way to become a pro athlete but a near-fatal car crash made him inactive for a while. Once he had fully healed and recovered, he began training to get his body back into some semblance of fitness.

He surpassed all his hopes when not only did he get fit, he ended up becoming a physical trainer himself. From trying to put his life back together after a horrific accident, he was now helping others to become fitter and live healthily.

He trained hard and followed a strict diet. His good looks and fit body didn’t go unnoticed and soon a client would suggest he try his hand in show business. Following the advice, Jacob Kyle Young took on some acting classes which helped him understand the nuances of acting.

Not long after, it was time to hit the road and head to Hollywood. Once there, he tried everything possible to get in front of the camera. What it led to was a range of short films, features, commercials, and various other projects.

Jacob Kyle YoungJacob Kyle Young starred as a lead actor in the Emmy nominated film, ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ which first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. He has appeared in three short films, ‘Take the Shot,’ ‘Get Over It,’ and ‘The Descendants,’ all of which can be viewed on Amazon Prime. He will also be seen in the movie ‘His Sunrise My Sunset’ featuring Hollywood legend, Corbin Bernsen.

Not one to be satisfied with a one-dimensional job, Jacob Kyle Young also wishes to branch out in Hollywood with screenwriting. Under the name of ‘Post Modern Entertainment,’ Jacob Kyle Young plans to write, produce and act in films. Will Jacob Kyle Young soon be seen in the ‘Sports Star to Movie Star’ list? Only time will tell.

Jacob Kyle Young can be found on facebook.

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