Exclusive: Meet Italian Facial Aesthetics Doctor and TV Personality Nina Bal

Living on the Internet comes with its own set of pressures, the biggest of which is personal appearance. Driven by the culture of selfies and Instagram, people are going to extraordinary lengths to gain the perfect look. In all this madness, there are some sane options available, and Dr Nina Bal explores one of these. Her pioneering work marries dentistry solutions with other facial cosmetic procedures to offer a full-face aesthetic treatment!

Dr. Bal, who was recently recognised at the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018 for her full facial treatment, explains the details of her procedure. “Facial sculpting is a concept instead of a procedure(sic). I combined my two big passions – beauty and medicine – to offer people a complete cosmetic solution. I feel that you have to look at the face and teeth together when trying to offer the best aesthetic treatment; you can’t just do one and ignore the other.”

She graduated with a BDS (Hons) from Pavia, Italy in 2008. She followed this up with a successful decade-long private practice that saw her being recognized with several awards for her work. She is a highly respected member of the dentistry world and has been awarded membership of GDC (General Dental Council), BACD (British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry), AACS (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) among others.

nina bal.
Nina Bal

She is, however, very clear that the secret to her success stems from the fact that she really loves what she does. I was a bit surprised to hear this, but it soon became clear that Dr Nina has worked very hard to carve out her special niche in the world of dentistry.

She had a passion for aesthetics and combined that with her dental degree to create a brand-new type of service. She explains further, “people come to me and say I don’t know what the problem is but there is something about my face that is not right. I literally calculate the golden ratio of their face! I am of the opinion that for the human eye beauty lies in symmetry and with my experience I know what they need to achieve a good look. You wouldn’t believe the difference some minor tweaks can make – some of it is done literally in a few minutes!”

A prolific social media user, she keeps her thousands of followers updated, informed and entertained with her posts. Her case studies can be found on her website https://www.facialsculpting.co.uk/. Some people may already be familiar with her work from her stint as the official cosmetic dentist in Series 2 of the UK Tv Show Bodyfixers on E4.

One thing that shines through her work is her passion for helping people become their best! She wholeheartedly believes that outer beauty is just one tool to make yourself a better person and this quote captures her philosophy perfectly – Loving yourself is not vanity its sanity.

So, anyone staring at the mirror desperately seeking a change should give her a call!

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