How “Slavery” Created R-Kelly and Bill Cosby #MeToo

Women of all colors are shocked and furious over the s*xual abuse allegations against actor Bill Cosby and singer R-Kelly. Allegations which shed a light on the private life of celebrities that portray a sanctimonious public image to gain wealth and particularly – female interest and affection.

And the revelations of these allegations have shocked die hard fans of these two men. Black women know that this type of behavior is “common” among black men who are financially able to manipulate the women they pursue.

A monster is created when mixing money and fame. This results in the thirst-quenching need for black men to “dominate.” A need which has been boiling over since the days of slavery – but black men will never dominate their former slave masters. They settle for the runner up – which is their woman or women they become romantically involved with.

Many black men have a mindset like that alleged against Kelly and Cosby, which they perceive as a “white man mentality.” A mindset that revolves around using their “status” to dominate – use – abuse – and control. And because of copycatting, the rate of s*xual abuse among black women is 67%. 1 out of 5 girls are abused before they reach age 18 – and then it gets worse.

How "Slavery" Created R-Kelly and Bill Cosby #MeToo
How “Slavery” Created R-Kelly and Bill Cosby #MeToo

Most of this appears to stem from drug use, and the sugar-daddy syndrome that is so rampant in poverty-stricken black communities. These things are designed to use money, status, and drugs to manipulate, dominate and abuse young girls and women. And the root of this conduct exists in the black male psyche because of the dominating mindset slavery suppressed in black men for hundreds of years.

Unfortunately, because that need has been suppressed so long, when black men gain wealth and fame, bad things happen. The two mechanisms which “release the beast” make them become mentally disturbed by the idea that they can now dominate – rather than be dominated.

Fortunately because Kelly and Cosby are celebrities the public gets to see the full scope of what is going on in the lives of black men with money. But because 90% of the victims (outside of Hollywood) are not abused by a celebrity their stories never get told.

And what is more absurd is that the mentality of the predator is not addressed and labeled as a documented illness rather than common everyday perverted behavior. – Behavior that was caused by … you be the judge #MeToo

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