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Heidi Klum: Top 10 Hottest Model

One of The Top 10 Hottest Models of All Time

Born June 1st, 1973, Heidi Klum entered the world in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. At 18 years of age, Heidi’s friend Karin, persuaded her to enter a national modeling contest in Germany, with the chosen winners shown on a top German television show. She won. Around a year later, she stopped her ongoing study as a fashion designer, and decided to pursue a career as a model, her dream job. Not only was she incredibly beautiful, she was smart. She stayed grounded, got a lawyer, and stayed close to her parents with the telephone. She learned the ropes in Hamburg, then in Paris and Milan.

Heidi Klum was 24 before she walked the runway for the first time, and oh my, was it a show! The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to be precise, which is one of the most press covered shows in the world. She was now a star. A year later, she becomes the first German cover girl for the ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’ being seen by 55 million. She was now a mega star. She made more fame when her legs were valued to be insured for nearly 2 million dollars by a London auction house.

She went on to do some acting on the show Spin City, hosting on MTV, Entertainment Tonight, and many other shows, and even singing. With an amazing body, Heidi confesses that she does not diet. She says that she stays in good shape by getting enough rest and eating healthy. She also tries to drink plenty of water.

Heidi Klum studied ballet and jazz since she was a young girl, whom she still stays proficient in, taking classes in New York City, where she resides. Heidi also spends time traveling the world, spending time with family and friends, skiing, and painting on large-size canvases. She likes to rock out to one of Michael Jackson’s biggest influences, James Brown, and she also likes Dido, U2, Nikka Costa, and Moby among more. Her husband, the amazingly gifted artist known as Seal, of course goes without question!

Heidi Klum proved further her talent as the host of Project Runway, which went on to become a phenomenal success, which she also serves on as Executive Producer. She has had 7 primetime Emmy Award nominations. Heidi’s presence gives the show its allure, excitement, and credibility. But this amazing woman has not stopped there; she recently launched her own fashion line of swimsuits, which are custom made for each person. Having worked with the biggest photographers in the world, for the biggest ad campaigns, and having appeared on the biggest magazines ever, Heidi Klum, standing at 5-9 and a half inches tall, is an expert on fashion and beauty.

As Heidi herself states, ‘who better to design a customized line of swimsuits than someone who’s been in every possible style of bathing suit in every possible weather condition in every possible remote location of the world? Trust me girls, I know what looks great on the beach and what doesn’t.’ She continues, ‘Keep in mind; this isn’t a big manufacturing business for me, far from it. Instead, I’m really interested in craft & design, and each suit is a true labor of love. That’s why you’ll find that the swimsuits are more expensive than ones you may find in stores, because my suits are made from the finest materials, (…) Each suit takes a lot of time to create, and is customized just right for the wearer, so they’re special order only.’

Heidi Klum, the legend, is without a doubt one of the Top 10 Hottest Models of our time. Don’t miss the rest of our countdown in the archives section of The Hollywood Sentinel, and in the next issue of The Hollywood Sentinel and News Blaze.

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