Donald Trump Clone Pete Allman Takes the World by Storm

The Donald Trump clone, played by Pete Allman, was seen arriving at The Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico. The Trump clone was accompanied by his Secret Service Agent, actor Rich Rossi. The dynamic duo were there to conduct video interviews with Cesar Riviera.

Staff and guests at The Las Rocas Resort were caught by surprise, by Donald Trump’s appearance there. They took many photos with the actor, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

Everyone said it was as though President Trump himself showed up to see them.

While there in Rosarito Beach, Pete Allman appeared on CNR’S Network News with Juan Felipe Prado, and Rich Rossi interpreted the news segment.

Allman is scheduled to appear at various locations and stations throughout the country, promoting harmony and global peace. He is presenting a documentary, “The Winds of Freedom,” that he produced with Alex Ayzin.

Pete Allman and Rich Rossi are trained actors and performers. They have both had roles in a number of feature films. Pete Allman, who is within a year of President Trump’s actual age, is known for many performances in Las Vegas. He was host of the half hour shows, “The Las Vegas Hollywood Report,” and “CMX Sports and Entertainment.”

Juan Filipe Prado, Pete Allman, and Rich Rossi.
Juan Filipe Prado, Pete Allman, and Rich Rossi.

As a clone of President Donald Trump clone, Pete Allman captivates audiences everywhere he travels. Most recently, Allman was introduced by State Senator Ben Allen, at The New West Symphony, where Smokey Robinson and his wife received a Proclamation for their philanthropic work.

People’s reactions to the Donald Trump clone range from laughter to hateful comments. Allman takes it all in stride and rolls with the punches, having lived through the rough and tumble of Las Vegas for many years. One very interesting fact about Pete Allman as Donald Trump, is that, unlike other actors who impersonate the President, who need to use hairpieces and prosthetics or makeup, Pete Allman wakes up every day looking like Donald Trump naturally. That is what has launched him to be the number one Trump look-alike in the world.

Pete Allman has interviewed President Donald Trump a number of times. Allman is very grateful for his acting and producing career. He has a great attitude, and says, “if you got it, you might as well go along with it.”

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pete allman as donald trump at trump tower.
Pete Allman as Donald Trump at Trump Tower.
sergio soltelo of the Sanivov Medical Institute with pete allman.
Sanivov Medical Institute’s Sergio Soltelo with Pete Allman.
Vince Neill

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