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Diane O’Connell: Digital Art at Austin’s Ale House

Artist Diane OConnell.
Artist Diane OConnell.
Artist Diane O’Connell

Well known for excellent food, fine service and events, Austin’s Ale House provides an outlet for artists to showcase their work. Diane O’Connell specializes in Digital Art, a unique medium where photos first transform into paintings, then printed (as Giclee), onto museum-quality fine art paper or canvas.

Running With Pumpkins photo.

Ordinary to extraordinary, Diane interprets, refines and captures the essence of her subjects, often commissioned works from pet owners. To uncover energy, vibrancy, mood and personality, Diane works with clients so that their input helps her reveal the true nature of her subjects and the style she will display them: the brush strokes, the medium (pastels, oils or embellished acrylics), and the approach realism or impressionistic.

Collection of dog and cat photos.

Through Mid-September, dozens of Diane’s paintings will grace the restaurant’s walls with flowers, animals, landscapes and more. Manager John Kohaut finds her work, “Intriguing and lovely.”

Waterlilly photo collection.

Austin’s Ale House

82-70 Austin Street

Kew Gardens, NY (718) 849-3939

Austin’s Ale House

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