Danny Rawley Wraps On Film, Candy and Tea

Actor Danny Rawley, who resides in SW Florida but works anywhere his talents are required, has been busy in yet another film. That film is “Candy and Tea” with Righteous Entertainment (RE). It is written and directed by Moe Lynch and produced by Nicki Lynch out of Sarasota, Florida.

Danny Rawley is an actor who has acted quite a bit of his young life. He not only works as a film and television actor, but he is also a print model and is in a music video as well.

Danny Rawley

As a print model for Coca Cola, Danny’s ad will be showing again this summer for the fourth year!

Danny Rawley in Coca Cola ad

Danny has been featured in the insightful short film, “Candy and Tea” which is produced by RE and inspired by the Martin/Zimmerman incident.

“Candy and Tea” is a poetic and profound film that explores the back story to the two main characters of the tragic incident that occurred in Sanford, Florida.

Rawley portrays young Andy White who was a victim of bullying and looks for encouragement from his parents and teachers, but they refuse to help. White grows up and finally resolves to fight back!

“This short film illustrates why we should not be quick to generalize when people are custom made… ” – Nicki Lynch

Readers, go to “Candy and Tea” to view the film, engage in the conversation, or host a public forum.

Danny Rawley on set

“I think it was a good story to tell. Hopefully it will make people think before they judge.” – Danny Rawley

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