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Daniel Dicriscio Disrobes to Pay Tribute to Burt Reyholds’ Iconic Centerfold

It is conceivably one of the sexiest images in pop culture history; Legendary Actor Burt Reynolds, laying naked across a bearskin rug when he posed for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s April 1972 Centerfold.

Marking the 40 year anniversary of the photo that became one of the cultural artifact’s of the Sexual Revolution, Daniel DiCriscio pays tribute to Reynolds’ now iconic Bearskin rug pose, re-created by photographer Dusti Cunningham.

For the first time in his career, the long blonde haired, tanned, and toned DiCriscio takes it all off, wearing only his smile. DiCriscio was apprehensive at first to disrobe for the camera due to the high standard of today’s Hollywood plastic surgery and drug enhanced super-bodies. “It was either now, or never!”, stated the all-natural DiCriscio.

DiCriscio, the Celebrity Hairstlyist, Recording Artist, and TV Personality probably best known for his involvement during the Clinton Sex Scandal which dubbed him The Messiah of Makeover and for his infamous Bruno interview with The Dictator star Sacha Baron Cohen,has also created the looks for such modern day sex symbols as Pamela Anderson and the late Anna Nicole Smith.

DiCriscio is now taking his turn by posing in the buff while paying homage to Reynolds. “I admire Burt for being a risk taker and opening the door allowing men to be seen as sexy, all while doing it on a bearskin rug!”, adds DiCriscio.

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