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Clint Eastwood’s Family: The Next Kardashians?

With Kardashian-mania still growing, E! Entertainment Television may be feeling lucky again with Clint Eastwood and his family, who’s currently shooting their own reality show about “Hollywood royalty”, according to TMZ.

The untitled show will solely focus on Eastwood’s wife Dina, their 15-year-old daughter Morgan and Francesca, Eastwood’s 18-year-old daughter, who decides to pursue a career in acting like her father. Francesca is Eastwood’s daughter with actress Frances Fisher, who co-starred with Clint in 1989’s Pink Cadillac and 1999’s True Crime, in which Eastwood co-produced and directed the latter.

And speaking of “The Man with No Name” as well as Dirty Harry, Clint will only make cameos on the show produced by Bunim/Murray, the same production company responsible for making those wild, crazy, and wacky Kardashians famous for being … famous.

A premiere date for the show is yet to be set.

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